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Crown Street Spoilers: Rovers’ Return New Owners’ Unveiled ‘Secret Acquisition Bid | TV & Radio | Showbiz and TV

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Rover’s Return Inn is a major landmark on Coronation Street, and for years, hundreds of landowners and landlords have stepped behind the bar to pull pints for local punters. Currently, Johnny (played by Richard Howley) and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Mathews) are serving Weatherfield residents, but that will all change when the two popular characters return.

Les (Bruce Jones) and Janice Battersby (Wiki Envistel) have not been seen on the cobblestones for 13 and 9 years, respectively.

However, if the soap bosses want to create a comeback story context for both of them, all the changes can happen.

When they appeared in the movie Loose Woman, the actors reunited with each other.

They were also asked: “Janice and Les have contacted a lot of people saying they want to see you two back on the show.

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“I promised myself I wouldn’t cry – sorry!” Wiki commented.

Bruce admitted: “I owe a lot to Vicky. Thank you so much Vicky. I’m back, I’m in great form!”

“I just saw his little face. We had some great laughs. We used to tell you like you don’t believe, ”Vicky explained.

“They would say ‘cut’ and we would laugh at what we had to say or do – it was really provocative. ‘We’m going to ruin this program!’

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