Croton Airport receives new European ISA certification

Croton Airport receives new European ISA certification

Croton Airport Becomes part of fully responsive airports Typical Europe. This was announced Sakkal, The management company of three Calabrian airports, in a press release, describes it as “new.” Issa certification (EU Aviation Safety Agency), issued by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Body) at the end of the process of converting former airport certificates Certify that the airport meets the aeronautical safety requirements prescribed by Regulation (EU) No. 139/2014In particular, this certification attests “Fitness The corporate organization of the airport manager (understood as a set of means, staff, and procedures); There Obedience Infrastructure, plants and systems; There Drafting completed Airport Manual ‘

Di Matrio was satisfied

The president of Sakal expressed satisfaction, Giolio di Metrio: പോലും Even Croton Airport receives European Enoch certification stamp after Lamezia and Reggio Calabria. Issuing certificates at our airports is not just an act of formality An important result, the result of excellent teamwork and coordination with all airport bodies. The new certification rewards our efforts to continually improve our certification Safety and quality At Calabrian airports, the limitations of economic and environmental sustainability are always kept in mind. Enoch would like to thank you for your invaluable support during the certification process and today confirms that the Callabrace Airport System is operational. Strict adherence to community restrictions.

New relationship with Venice

ഫലം A result – still written in the company note – has already been added to the achievement, thank you Sakkal’s trade policy. A new destination. As already announced by the Irish carrier, Croton Airport will be connected to Venice for the first time. Three weekly frequencies (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), a destination with great tourist potential in both directions.

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Finally, Sakal clarifies «and the activity associated with it Public service charges, In agreement with the Calabria Region, for definition Preparations for joining a new conference of services, After further consultation with air carriers.

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