Croton Airport, a technical list for attracting new companies

Croton Airport, a technical list for attracting new companies

When it becomes the Anti-Kovid Vaccination Hub (inauguration should take place on Friday, June 11), Croton Airport The subject of a new video conference meeting was promoted by Croton’s prefect Maria Carolina Ipolito at the request of the City Committee. The President and General Manager attended a meeting called to discuss the current state of the essential Croton Infrastructure All, Giulio di Matrio, Pierre Vittorio Farabbi; Deputy Mayor and Councilor Croton Municipality, Rosella Paris, Ilario Sorgiovani; The Members of Parliament Elizabeth Barbuto and Sergio Toromino l Anak Manager Carlo Morpheus.

A stop to relaunch

the aim Relaunch the airport, Which makes airlines attractive. Currently, he is flying alone at Croton Airport Ryanair, It guarantees six flights a week, four to Bergamo and two to Bologna. The planes took off and landed on the runway on May 2 after being suspended for three months due to a health emergency.

De Matrio himself spoke at a founding meeting on January 22 last year about the resumption of Croton Airport after the Irish suspended flights at low fares. President of Sakal a Incentive scheme “It’s more exciting and more aggressive.” Make the infrastructure more attractive It is less of an interest to companies as it is more and more peripheral.

Today, participants in the meeting decided to “present the area – read a note issued by the Croton Municipality – and attract airlines and encourage interest in the airport” Set up a work table right away. Among other things, the possibility Resume flight to Nuremberg, Which received encouraging feedback from users in 2019, but Ryanair has not been reactivated.

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Local investments and service rates

A Dangerous airport, Always waiting, not only for aircraft, but also for investment. They still stand in the absence of the green light of the European Commission, for example, i 4.5 million euros allocated by the Calabria region. Funds for completion of runway length, calibration of islands (instrument landing system) and security of airport grounds.

Then there is the grain Notice of service charges, Should persuade companies to link Croton with other Italian cities. Relations with Rome, Turin, and Venice came to an end. He blamed himself for the financial crisis caused by Kovid. But many argued it The ban is not attractive to companies. However, now we have to do it again.

Although Sakkal has confirmed that this is allowed in C Croton 50% more contribution for each passenger Compared to other Calabrian airports, Unfortunately the desired results were not found For our City Airport ”they want to underline Piazza della Resistance.

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