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Crosserlof Cavan final replay with a late strike

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Crosserloff 2-12 Kingscourt stars 2-12

The 48-year wait to get their hands on the Oliver Plunkett Cup will take at least a week. After crossing for Mark Stuart’s last point ‘loaf’, Crosserloff and Kings‌court should do it again.

Although Crosserloff dominated the holdings in the first half, the players maintained a good relationship at the break, trailing 1-7 to 1-4.

A goal from Padreig Faulkner in the 29th minute was crucial, while Crosserloff missed several chances and registered five wide points in the first half.

Crosserloff started well with purposeful and efficient moves from the opening attack, which became a point for the active Adrian Smith.

Target Man Patrick Lynch opened his account free from the ground and then sent an offensive sign after Shane McVeety collected the pass. The pre-match favorites had reduced the resolution by three in the first five minutes.

With Kingscourt pulling out and county midfielder James Smith dominating the air, Faulkner lost control of the forward line and moved to the center.

Crosserlog’s shooting disappointed them – they registered three widths from their first six shots – and another great move collapsed, with David Shaw throwing his lines when he had a chance to score within 10 minutes.

James Smith took a pass from Adrian Smith and dropped four on a super point. But within 14 minutes, top scorer Barry Reilly converted a free kick following an error by Faulkner.

Crosserlof was better now; James Smith scored the next kick, Brandon Boylan converted an attacking mark and then scored the first goal of the match.

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Stephen Smith picked Adrian Smith with a good pass; The first touch of the corner forward was excellent and he exploded into the net with the second.

Kevin Curtis and Patrick Lynch have been replaced by points – both attacking marks – before Barry Reilly becomes notable in free after a foul on the notable Chorrigan.

Stephen Smith and Barry Reilly hoisted the white flags with excellent scores from the game but Kingscourt refused to panic and when Raleigh Faulkner played and the captain did the rest, he went ahead with a big goal of his own and sent a powerful shot to the roof.

With three left between them at the break, Crosserloff resumed their six-point gain. A shot from the lynch was short and wing back Cian Boylan sent a superb shot to the roof of the net by Darag McKenna.

The league now finds themselves in a similar position to where they were in the 2018 final, six points early in the second half. Can they hold on?

The King’s Court’s response was clear. A nonchalant point from Reilly took them forward again, and the same man took a break and drilled, within 40 minutes, sending a free genius to give up a three point game.

Kingscourt is sounding. Lynch (s) genetically acquired one for the crossword, but when the players went down three in a row they began to send misery, with Shekleton Free scoring the best scores from games by Philip Tinnelli and Peter Corrigan.

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John Oates, Corrigan and Kevin Curtis were caught in the net, while the 11-time winners were two minutes ahead with eight minutes left.

Raleigh hit back with a tricky free kick from Kroncherlof Lynch but it was canceled after 46 meters of effort from the deck. Lynch converted an offensive mark, but when Tully clipped to put two between them during the injury, it seemed so.

In dying moments, Shawlie curled up at a superb point for Crosserloff, and then, after Shackleton missed the target, they left the square when Mark Stuart came to the end of a good move.

Crosserloff: Brian Maloka, John Cook, Patrick O’Reilly, David Shalvi (0-1), Shane McVeety, Conor Rehill, Cian Boylan (1-0), Mark Stuart (0-1), James Smith (0-1), Shane McManus , Brandon Boylan (0-1 m), Darren Gaffney, Adrian Smith (1-1), Patrick Lynch (0-6, 3F, 3m), Stephen Smith (0-1)

Subs: Pierce Smith for McMahon (40 minutes), Ryan Galigan (46) for Goffnick, Peter Smith (58) for Adrian Smith

Kingscourt stars: Darag McKenna, Kathleen McConaughey, Alan Clark, Killian Farrell, Shane Duffy, Paddy Mead, John Oates, Sean Burke, Peter Corrigan (0-1), Barry Tully (0-1), Philip Tinnelli (0-1), Kevin Curtis (1-1, 1m), Cian Shackleton (0-1F), Padreigh Faulkner (1-0), Barry Reilly (0-7, 5F)

Subs: Osin Cunningham for Burke (46)

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