Cross-channel players demand that France line up

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MIE is the main European system that finances TEN-T. Two-thirds of the 33 33 billion planned for 2021-2027 will be used to maintain existing transport infrastructure and develop new ones through two networks, “Central” and “Global”. Although the member states initially had until May 5 to review the TNT, according to Karima Delli, chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee, it is not too late, “they can still send.”

Provincial Continuity with Ireland

The postponement seems welcome, given the select officials and ports in the Brittany and Normandy regions on May 11, given the expectations and concerns of cross-channel players DFDS, Brittany Ferris and Getlink. Today, only the ports of Le Havre, Rune, Dunkirk, and Calais extend across the Atlantic and North Sea-Mediterranean corridors in Ten-T to Ireland.

Along with Brexit, several Norman and Breton ports (Brest, Roskoff, Cherberg, Cairns, and the Deep) are requested to integrate into Ten-T in the European Union’s regional continuation with Ireland. To claim this, “France must make a request to the European Union”, MEP warns Dominique Riquett, stating that this combination regulates CEF’s European funding under Ten-T.

Stimulate maritime services

The next MIE and TEN-T should lead to Europe’s carbon neutrality by 2050, as well as the development of multimodality in freight transport. From this perspective, the Ten-T update plans to relaunch maritime motorways, which will also affect cross-channel ports. In order to support these maritime ties, Brittany Ferris and DFDS want funding for ships to benefit from European aid, as well as transport infrastructure. “Our ships should be considered bridges,” DFDS defends Jean-Claude Charlotte, director general of France.

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Both companies encourage Europe to support unsupported cross-channel services, inspired by ecoBonus mechanisms or clamp aids in integrated land transport. Getlink is convinced that post-Brexit logistics will be developed through unsupported European multimodal rail-sea projects.

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