Crop circles: natural phenomenon, myth or man-made?

Crop circles: natural phenomenon, myth or man-made?

Research in crop circles

How crop circles are created is a mystery, because the interesting thing is that outside the crop circles, the stalks never break.

Andreas Mുള്ളller is an expert in crop circle research and has already written non-fiction books on the subject. He explores the question of when, how, and where crop circles were created. He also tries to understand the meaning of patterns. But he can’t even give an answer to the crop circles of how and why.

Crop Circles: The Work of Aliens or Humans?

It is doubtful that aliens create crop circles, because behind them there are often people who want to have fun. It is not uncommon for human hands to have at least some indications of an intervention. Very rarely do crop circle designers tell themselves how to create patterns in a field. Artists Doug Bower and Dave Chorley were among the few who admitted to having a crop in the south of England in 1978.

Uli Ernest from Utting, who changes the size of the large labyrinths in the wheat field each year, creates the “X Ornaments” at Utting am Amercis. He wonders what techniques anonymous artist colleagues have used in some crop circles – for example large circles and boards. With a tightly stretched rope knocked to the ground, you can create simple circles, for example.

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