Crisis on Twitter in India; Nationals reject orders of Ministry of Information Technology

भारतातील ट्विटरवर संकट; माहिती-तंत्रज्ञान मंत्रालयाचे आदेश धुडकावले

Social media companies need to set up a comprehensive grievance redressal mechanism for new IT laws.

Mumbai, 28: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (Twitter, Facebook, InstagramFor social media companies likeSocial media companies(Content transmitted through their media)Content) The Central Government had on February 25 directed to appoint special officers to monitor the situation. The three-month deadline for implementation is May 26. At the same time, there was talk that the platform would be shut down due to lack of information.

According to a report released by PTI, Google and Facebook, WhatsApp has provided the IT ministry with the information it needs under the new social media law. This reveals that Twitter is not yet following the new social media rules. In addition, Twitter has not provided any information to the IT Ministry about the appointment of special officers under the new social media rules. So the tweet will affect the IT ministry.

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What is expected under IT Rules 2021?

According to the IT Rules 2021 for Social Media Platforms, these companies are required to appoint a Resident Grievance Officer in India. These companies are affected by the active monitoring of content on the platform, the response to complaints, the immediate removal of obscene pornographic posts, the monthly compliance report of Indian users, the self-regulatory system, and the oversight of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Which companies fall under the IT Rules 2021?

All major social media companies with more than 50 lakh users will be covered under these rules. This includes all major social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Coo (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Coo). As of March 2021, WhatsApp has 39 crore users in India. According to research firm Statista’s January 2021, Facebook has the largest number of 32 crore users in India. Facebook has 19 crore users in the US and 14 crore in Indonesia. As of January 2021, Twitter also has over 1.75 crore users in India. The new and India-based social media platform has crossed 6 million.

What will be the grievance redressal mechanism?

Social media companies need to set up a comprehensive grievance redressal mechanism for new IT laws. This requires officers such as the Chief Compliance Officer, the Nodal Contact Person and the Resident Grievance Officer. All companies are required to publish this information on their websites and applications and to provide users with information on how to report content on the platform. Users are required to submit a receipt within 24 hours of receiving the complaint, and it is mandatory to process the complaint within 15 days from that date.

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