Crisis call center Abramo asks to intervene from the guarantee table prefect: “Inform the company”

Crisis call center Abramo asks to intervene from the guarantee table prefect: "Inform the company"

Abraham arrives at the customer care matter prefecture. In fact, UL prefect Maria Carolina sent a request to Ipolito to call an I.Formal formal meeting with the top management of the company, In the presence of community partners and institutions. A proposal shared by the participants in the guarantee list called by the President of the Municipal Council formed by the Croton Municipality, Giovanni Greco, This afternoon.

“Prefect calls Abraham”

The UIL General Secretary of Croton explains. Fabio Tomino, Is intended to avoid prepaid solutions if self-disclosure Negative, Risk of failure to maintain employment status e We have no intention of losing a job“4,000 jobs are at stake, of which 3,000 are in Calabria and about 1,300 in Pythagorean headquarters.”It’s time to clarify In the story to understand the mechanisms and to support the path, ”adds the trade unionist.

Municipal Councilor for Production Activities, Luke Bossie (Representing the mayor and the municipal council), “Stn stressed the primary need to protect employees and re-launch the company.

“There is a government”

The meeting was attended by deputies Elizabeth bearded, E. of the 5 Star Movement Sergio Toromino, Forza Italia guaranteed a constant commitment to monitoring the evolution of the situation. Pentecostals oppose parliamentary action: “The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economic Development are following this story Ultimately they are carefully considered Granting benefits to the company that acquired Abraham In these very subtle activities. The purpose is to ensure that the final job.

A work by Toromino and Barbuto in Rome: “We are constantly involved in our role at the political level, but – the deputy explains – I went further,Conversation with the general management of the company we follow activities.

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It cannot be accelerated

Political and institutional commitment is important, but However, there are procedures and timing to be respected, Both MPs agree: “The process cannot be expedited at this time,” Barbuto explained. The court in Rome will have to rule on the matter, Abraham submitted a request to the creditors for an arrangement. To date, take is the only acquisition offer that has been officially presented and evaluated positively by all a Irish Fund He has previously invested in the contact center sector. Serious buyer, By Toromino. In short, the procedures will not be resolved before March.

Include the company and the Calabria region

At today’s meeting, some municipal councilors in Croton, Domenico Serrado, president of the II Permanent Council Commission, Giovanni Casier for Yulcam, and Giuseppe Donici, a lawyer, also specialized in bankruptcy proceedings. Support Genuinely volunteered to support Workers’ problem.

The discussion ended with Barbuto’s suggestion Schedule meetings Weekly as required Ownership of Abramo Customer Care and representatives from the Calabria region.

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