Crisis call center Abraham, M5S MPs demand crisis list. Yesterday’s meeting between the company and the system

The Abraham customer care crisis needs to be resolved in the cabinet. Members of the Calabrian Parliament for this reason 5 star movement They wrote to MICE and the Ministry of Labor to request a conference, within the limits of their abilities. Emergency joint table, Have already requested individual deputies and trade union associations “. Letter signed by Federa.

Crisis list

“We have decided to address the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Labor together – to inform the members of the Pentecostal Parliament to renew the request to resolve this. A story that threatens to explode at all its gravity In the coming months, at worst, more than 3,000 people will lose their jobs in Calabria, Sicily and Lazio (although most of the staff are concentrated in the offices of Croton, Catanzaro and Cosensa). Occupational plague It is not helpful to underestimate the economic and social consequences of the Calabrian region. “

The signatories of the letter – requesting all representatives of all political forces to support the request – ask ” To clarify the whole situation “Cause” with the exact goal of saving the jobs of more than 3,000 peopleThe terms of the affair are not clear There is no such thing as a company called Abraham. ”

Meeting with System h

Meanwhile, there yesterday afternoonHe met with a representative of the Systems House, owned by Abraham, The only person likely to make a purchase after withdrawing the offer from the Irish Heritage Fund. Preliminary list requested by Forza Italia Deputy Sergio Toromino “Take stock of the current situation, but above all make a synthesis so that we can reach a resolution immediately. Safety of workers.

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Toromino remembers «All decisions must be made Court of Rome The only one who has the right to determine the fate of the company, however Synergy This is essential among all parties, institutions, companies, and trade unions, because we are talking about people and families, not real estate. Dramatic months, mentally and financially exhausted, My thoughts and solidarity are moving towards a greater commitment than anyone else, to bring the drama of the situation to the attention of the Central Government and to promote parties and meetings. Ask them to open crisis lists.

Guarantee list today

Will be back to visit via video conference today at 16pm Guarantee list set by Croton Municipality. The meeting, convened by City Council President Giovanni Greco, will feature the participation of Mayor Vincenzo Vos and Productive Activities Councilor Luka Bosi, as well as the representation of municipal councilors. Owners, members of the local parliament, the Calabria region and trade unions were invited.

Yesterday, in this regard, there was also the intervention of the Archdiocese of Croton-Santa Severina, which joined the staff Request politics and institutions So they are committed to protecting the job. Finally, two days ago, the unions declared a state of agitation.

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