Crisis between the European Union and Great Britain due to Northern Ireland

Crisis between the European Union and Great Britain due to Northern Ireland

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In the case of Ireland, the European Union (EU) has filed a lawsuit against Great Britain over alleged breach of protocol by the London government. As noted, Brussels’ decision marks a new setback in relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom, two months after the British signed an agreement to leave the European Union.

The latest setback in relations between the 27 countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom has prompted London to postpone the unilateral decision for six months from now, exactly October 1, the date of the start of customs control on goods from Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

The European Union (EU) has said in a statement that the 2019 protocol, which establishes a divorce agreement between Brussels and London, violates the British extension.

The Northern Territory The issue of Ireland under the rule of Great Britain is considered sensitive, and the search for an agreement between Europeans and the British has become more difficult since the June 2016 referendum. After 47 years of membership, the United Kingdom has voted in favor of withdrawing from the European Union.

A British government spokesman said the country’s authorities would respond in a timely manner to legal action.

According to the above spokesperson, the delay is minimal and is part of the adjustments related to the early stages of any important trade agreement. Accordingly, the delay does not justify a legal process.

In the wake of Brexit in London, the Irish Protocol was designed to preserve peace on the Irish island to prevent the re-establishment of border controls between the British province of Northern Ireland (Ulster), Republic of Ireland (Iyer), A member of the European Union, located in the south.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the 2019 Protocol, but with some reluctance, because in fact, the document on Ireland actually establishes a boundary within the United Kingdom and retains the Protestant province of Northern Ireland from Great Britain, maintaining EU customs rules.

The EU’s letter to the United Kingdom about London’s failure to comply with the protocol marks the beginning of a lengthy judicial process, which could end before the European Court of Justice and impose fines.

Crisis with the European Union due to Northern Ireland

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