Create the game room of your dreams with a screen that provides fun experience and sharp images. –

Create the game room of your dreams with a screen that provides fun experience and sharp images.  -

At a time when everyone often had to stay in shelters. One of the hobbies that makes life lonely, colorful and fun is playing games. It is very important to choose a device that you can use as a monitor to get the taste of playing very fun and heartfelt games. This is because in addition to improving the performance of the game, it also helps to increase the atmosphere and confidence of the players in terms of excitement and success. Today we take you to create a dream gaming room with beautiful curved design monitor with powerful features and fun special features. A complete model Huawei Mateview GT The first gaming monitor to make the game hearty

Choose a large, round, classy screen. To gain a broader perspective

A gamer’s dream room should have a gaming monitor that is capable of copying all the details. Screen size 34 inches Huawei Mateview GT This is definitely satisfying. In addition, the screen is designed with a curvature of 1500 R, which can better accommodate eye distance. The 21: 9 aspect ratio ultra-wide view allows users to focus fully on the mission or battle ahead of them. This increases efficiency so that nothing escapes the player’s eye. When combined with an updated rate of up to 165 Hz and the ability to display different colors with a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440. On a screen with 90% wide color gamut, the DCI-P3 covers 100% SRGB, capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors. The real-life difference in the colors that appear on the screen ensures that gamers enjoy all the scenes and all the situations in the game. And with color accuracy of ΔE

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The sound system should be excellent. To play very interesting games the light must stand apart

With dual 5W speakers, the Huawei Mateview GT will produce louder sound, making it more classy and high-tech than connecting a screen with your dream game room speaker, creating the image of a pro with no need for tapping, sliding or tapping, with or without tapping and sliding. The soundbar also helps to control. For the game casting line to interact with the audience. It can be answered at a distance of 4 meters, using intelligent dual microphones that can mute up to 360 degrees and maintain a sound distance. Speak to the audience in a loud and clear voice. If you want to play games with more fun and more interesting lighting, do not ignore, because the soundbar provides colorful lights with vibrant mood lighting effects to add mood and vitality to make the game more fun than ever.

The additional features provided should enhance the best form of the gamer.

Dark Field Control and crosshairs are Huawei’s unique feature for the FPS gaming experience that allows gamers to adjust the brightness and visibility on the monitor screen at any time. With the Dark Field Control feature, it can clearly see hidden opponents and increase the accuracy of aiming at an opponent. With interesting features like crosshairs, this is just the best form.

The three powers of the Huawei Mateview GT Gaming Monitor are important for creating an atmosphere and improving gaming performance. Larger monitor give a wider view Colors are sharper and more realistic, the image should not be delayed, the sound should be better and the lighting effect should be more extensive. Huawei now has a special promotion for those interested in the new gaming monitor like the Huawei Mateview GT, even if it has features developed to improve the gaming experience. From today – July 23, 2021 when you buy the product for 17,990 baht

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  • Get the Razor Basilic Gaming Mouse worth 1,690 baht (when purchased at Huawei Experience Store and participating dealers)
  • Or get a generic Huawei Freebuds 3i priced at 3,290 baht (when purchased on the e-commerce platform at the Huawei Store and Huawei’s store official store) You can buy the Huawei Mateview GT through online channels. Including Huawei Experience Store, Huawei Store, Lasada, Shopie, JD Central and participating retailers

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