Create Stories Display Format Like Instagram Tick Tock

Create Stories Display Format Like Instagram Tick Tock

Instagram Illustrations on Smartphones. Photo: Engadet – Instagram is developing a new feature that allows vertical formatting of story feeds, such as a tick tock display.

Currently, users browse stories by tapping and swiping horizontally – a feature adopted by Instagram from Snapchat.

At the same time, vertical conflict seems to be more natural as most users navigate to social media applications such as the mobile web, or Facebook feeds or the YouTube homepage.

It is known that the “vertical stories” feature was developed from the Twitter account of Alessandro Paulusi.

The screenshot she uploaded shows a simple user interface with the caption “Now you can swipe up and down to browse stories”, followed by a large blue button called “Vertical Stories”.

Palusi says he got this feature from digging into the Instagram code.

At the same time, Instagram told Techrunge that the feature is under construction but not currently available to the public.

“This is an early prototype and has not been tested on Instagram at the moment,” said an Instagram spokesman, citing TechCrunch.

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