Craig Wright to speak at the IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit in Rabat

Craig Wright to speak at the IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit in Rabat

Bitcoin maker Dr. Craig S. Wright will deliver the keynote address Tuesday, April 12thE At the Global IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit in Rabat, Morocco. BSV stands firm in the future of data-based economies, and technical standards committees know what is needed to build a secure “financial layer” in tomorrow’s electronic communication systems. Wright confirms.

Dr. Wright talks about BSV and its role in the Internet of Things (IoT). Influence of IPv6. The next iteration of the Global Internet Protocol aims to make digital communications faster and more secure, with hundreds of billions of additional connected devices coming online in the coming years.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founder President of the BSV Blockchain Association; Wright’s keynote address will be followed by a presentation entitled “BSV Blockchain: The Scaling Big for the Better Internet and the New World of Data”.

The Global IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit is a virtual event taking place in Rabat, Morocco. The President of the IEEE Morocco Blockchain Group will begin discussions Other speakers Checks for IPv6 and IoT issues such as distribution networks, high-speed wireless communications, and data / technical standards. It takes place during the Smart City Week events in Rabat.

There are approximately 14 billion devices on the Internet today, including human users and IoT devices large and small. To see BSV blockchain integrated into IPv6 standards, see Drs. Wright pays special attention to the fact that the Internet provides a “valuable value Internet” that can relay data between long-awaited secure financial layer or individual users (human or machine) – protecting the privacy of communication and users’ ownership and control over their own data from end to end around the world.

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He designed first Bitcoin with IPv6 principles; However, by 2009 Bitcoin had not yet proven its worth as a payment network, and Bitcoin’s end-to-end operation was removed from the protocol software. As BSV now travels a particular path to “Bitcoin” known to the world (but restores Bitcoin’s original protocol rules), there is a ripe opportunity to further understand Satoshi’s true perspective.

Dr. is interested in these features. Wright was prompted to speak at several IPv6-themed events. He Present The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) UAE Blockchain Cluster Launch Symposium will be held in March 2022 at the University of Dubai. Speak up At the Global IoT Summit in Dublin, Ireland in June.

As these new technologies emerge, it is essential that they share pre-determined criteria rather than having multiple competing criteria. IPv6 was developed to replace the aging IPv4, which (like some blockchains) struggled to scale efficiently as demand increased.

To the general public, IPv6’s best known feature is the infinite number of unique addresses, compared to the very limited set of IPv4. However, Dr. Wright pointed out that there are more security and privacy possibilities, such as defining standards in data packet headers, to facilitate key transfers between personal devices and control communication.

BSV is great for doing this role. Designed for its network and blockchain (existed before) BitcoinIn 2009) to process so much more data on the Internet today. Its structure allows timestamping of all information and changes, while the ownership and control of the data remain with its owner. This model, combined with BSV’s unlimited scalability, creates a real “data economy” that represents the value of the data itself, unlike today’s Internet, which relies heavily on it. Advertising Collection / sale of personal data on centralized platforms.

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