CR7 fan not penalized: Association apologizes to Ronaldo Speedster

CR7 fan not penalized: Association apologizes to Ronaldo Speedster

CR7 fans are not penalized
Ronaldo’s runout was pardoned by the association

After the World Cup qualifier between Ireland and Portugal, young Addison Whelan stormed the pitch. She hugged him warmly and secured Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt. At first she threatens to be fined, but the Irish Association is kind, but warns against imitators.

The Irish Football Association (FAI) has shown mercy to a young speedster who won the hearts of an entire nation by owning the jersey of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo against Ireland after the World Cup qualifier against Portugal. Addison Whelan, a 13 – year – old Irish club Shelby youngster, ran to the pitch after going 0-0 in Thursday’s World Cup qualifier to secure his great Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey.

She managed to do so by overtaking the Portuguese manager from the second row seat at the stadium in Dublin. In addition to the jersey, Wheeler was given a warm embrace and then escorted by escorts from the field. She later told of an upcoming യൂറോ 3,000 fine.

“My father will pay you,” she told the Irish radio station FM 104. But he is allowed to keep the money. We want to make sure that Addison is not penalized for walking down the field and asking about Ronaldo’s jersey, “said Irish Times FAI spokeswoman Cathal Dervan.

Tears after hugging Ronaldo

The FAI added in a press release that the Irish Football Association can confirm that young Addison Whelan will not have to pay a fine for approaching Cristiano Ronaldo. The 13-year-old’s penalty was waived, but the FAI advised visitors to future games. Do not make this example a model, because “UEFA may impose a fine on all players entering the field of play on certain occasions, especially when the game is on. We urge all fans to abide by this very prudent rule.”

This frustrated man did not come close to Ronaldo.

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After his winning tour, Whelan revealed that he cried the moment Ronaldo noticed him. Her father told the Irish newspaper The Independent that they were prepared for the situation. “We had a big banner, set it up twice, but it didn’t come to us, but we had a plan,” Peter Whelan said.

“Ten minutes before the end of the game the stewards got up and turned towards us. I looked at one of them and said, ‘Is there any chance?’ “It simply came to our notice then. Eventually, they got it. Suggestions for the folder were ignored. After the game, Whelan ran to Ronaldo. “She’s crazy,” her father admitted.

Annoying tendency

However, the happy episode from Dublin points to a new trend in the Bundesliga that is already in trouble. After Borussia Dortmund’s 2-0 victory over Ingolstadt, a speedster jumped into the field, and BVB coach Marco Rose, who personally led Speedster off the pitch, warned against imitation.

“It’s not going to explode with three or four people walking to the pitch in every game,” Rose said. “I think we should try to find a solution now.

After the league victory over FSV Mains 05, a fan ran onto the field and danced seamlessly with Earling Holland through the penalty area, celebrating at the South Stand and giving Holland a jersey. Finally a folder was taken from him, and Holland offered a replacement via Twitter: “Is my jersey right in the first half?”

In Dublin it did not end with just one case. Steeward stopped another speedster who tried to get close to Ronaldo during the game and took him off the ground. Disappointment at the failure was reflected on his face.

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