Cowney was shocked by the Brexit bill

Simon Cowan described the British government’s decision to vote on controversial legislation designed to repeal key elements of the Brexit deal as “very shocking”.

The foreign minister said the British government’s “conscious strategy” was tarnishing its image internationally.

The UK Internal Market Bill removed the first Commons barrier on Monday, despite deep doubts from some senior Tories.

Boris Johnson’s controversial plan to use domestic law to circumvent elements of the withdrawal agreement signed with Brussels went from its second reading from 340 to 263 – a government majority of 77.

Cowney said the search for a commercial deal had eliminated the “unfavorable deviation” between the two sides in the negotiating team.

“It comes as a shock to many that the British government has voted in Parliament on a bill that violates international law,” Cowney said.

“I can never remember a time before.

“Let’s wait and see what happens to this bill, because I think there is definitely division within Westminster as to whether it is acceptable or not.

“We only saw the first discussion and the first vote yesterday.

“We need to make sure we do not observe what is happening in the House of Commons, but instead focus on how we can rebuild some confidence in the relationship between the EU and the UK. Through discussions, solutions to issues of concern to both parties.

The big prize here is about a future relationship that avoids tariffs and quotas on trade across the Irish Sea worth 80 80 billion a year, especially when you get a deal in a trade deal. ”

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He criticized the British government’s move and the impact it had on trade negotiations.

Cowney said the talks had further complicated matters and that this was a deliberate ploy by the British government.

“The biggest challenge for politicians involved in this process is to be able to resolve issues that effectively make this legislation irrelevant, so we can focus on recognizing a partnership that is acceptable to the UK and acceptable to the European Union,” he added.

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