COVID19- Arrests a shopkeeper who reopens despite restrictions

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The owner of a beauty salon in north Balbrigan, Dublin, has been arrested for starting a business for the second day in a row, despite Level 5 restrictions in Ireland.

Christine McTiernon reopens her store C&N Beauty Room Despite receiving the closing order, it is 11 a.m. today.

The owner of the salon warned on Tuesday that he had opened the premises “because the food had to be put on the table”. Garda (Irish Police) If the show reopens to the public today, it could close.

Several arrests

They are due to appear in Swordstown District Court this afternoon.

Seven others were arrested in connection with the case.

A fund of support on the platform GoFundMe Nicole Balch, daughter of Mrs. McDean, opened.

Ms Balch explains on the online kitty’s home page that donations received will be submitted to pay the fine so that the mother does not fail to receive them following the incident.

On February 18, Kristin McTiannon posted a message on her Facebook page about her approach, not out of greed for her words, but out of a simple question about survival.

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