Covid – Omicron: Why the XD and XE variants compared to the world’s most contagious measles?

Covid - Omicron: Why the XD and XE variants compared to the world's most contagious measles?

The Crisis Of Kovid-19 Is it behind us? Yes, according to Lifting Control measures Almost everywhere in the world. It is not enough to check the figures of PollutionConfirmation is needed in the coming days as to whose peak to cross.

Another cause for concern: New variants. Circulation of Virus Allowing him to transform and give birth to new versions. But both Variations To cooperate. This is especially true XDAnd called Deltacron (Hybrid Delta And Omicron), And Car, Hybrids From BA.1 And BA2, “10% more contagious than BA.2”According to scientists at the UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA).

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Two variants that are gradually spreading around the world. Hundreds of cases of XE have been identified EnglandInn IndBut also inside Thailand Or even New Zealand. The Variant XDAlso found in France Until it comes Australia The last days.

Former World Health Organization (WHO) Epidemiologist Dr. Adrian Estherman confirms In the columns of the Canberra Times What Deltacron Is “1.4 more infectious diseases than BA.1”l’Omicron Original. “This is already the case with BA2 and the XXE variant. It’s very close to the most contagious measles we know of.”.

Omicron BA.2 is 1.4 times more contagious than BA.1. The basic regenerative number (R0) of BA.1 is approximately 8.2 and the R0 of BA.2 is approximately 12. It is very close to the most contagious measles we know of.

– Professor Adrian Estherman (Prosterman) March 10, 2022

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