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Courts reject British law to deport migrants to Rwanda

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The High Court in Belfast ruled on Monday (May 13) that several provisions of British law allowing the deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda do not apply in Northern Ireland, further complicating enforcement.

A few weeks after adoption This controversial sentence allows asylum seekers to be deported from this African country entered British soil irregularly, Judge Michael Humphreys ruled that entire sections of the Act should be. “canceled” Before it was applied in Northern Ireland in the name of human rights protection.

In the United Kingdom, a one-way ticket to Rwanda for illegal immigrants

“This judgment sends a clear message to the British government (…) that asylum seekers in Northern Ireland will not only be welcomed, but protected under the law”Sinead Marmion, a lawyer for the 16-year-old Iranian refugee who was partly behind the appeal, was delighted.

According to her, this decision a “The Great Barrier” Towards the enforcement of British anti-immigration laws in Northern Ireland.

Good Friday Peace Agreement

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed the verdict “nothing changed” Text legality or timetable in the United Kingdom, the first refugees to be deported in July.

The Northern Irish judiciary – which operates independently of the English justice system – is indicated in its decision Good Friday Peace AgreementIn 1998, three decades of bloody fighting over British sovereignty ended.

Deporting Migrants to Rwanda: The Great European Hypocrisy

The judge considered several provisions in the text to undermine the rights of asylum seekers, as guaranteed by the peace accord and the recently signed legal texts to protect it.

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They also violate rights protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, to which the United Kingdom is a signatory, he said.

Conflict between London and Dublin

The provisions of the Treaty of Dukhavelli are claimed by the British Government as part of it “Don't extend to issues like illegal immigration”Rishi Sunak underlined.

In Ireland, migrants are at the center of tensions between London and Dublin

“We will take all steps necessary to defend this position, including through appeal.” About the judicial decision, he assured.

Gavin Robinson, the interim leader of the unionist DUP party, which is committed to keeping Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, expressed concern that the region could become a region. “magnet” For refugees, unless anti-immigrant law applies to them.

Immigration: Relocating asylum seekers, a more attractive policy

Criticized by the UN, the Labor opposition and human rights groups, the British Conservative government's law is causing tension between London and Dublin.

Since it came into effect, many refugees have entered Ireland via Northern Ireland in the hope of escaping deportation to Rwanda. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris has warned that Dublin will take measures to stem the flow of refugees, including sending them back to the United Kingdom.

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