Courtney Cox recreates the Thanksgiving moment of friends

Courtney Cox recreates the Thanksgiving moment of friends

Will this be a throwback?

If you are a Friends Fans, you know that Thanksgiving episodes are probably unforgettable.

Warner Bros.

It’s still 2002 in my heart.

“Thanks everyone, I hope everyone has a great day,” she began in the video.

Courtney Cox / Video

I had a beautiful Thanksgiving, thanks for asking Courtney!

However, things took a turn for the worse when they added, “If I get a goddamn GIF in Turkey, it’s dancing in my head like a vid fool. I’m going to snap.”

Did you know … this is:

Friends‌ / way

Just before Chandler tells her he loves her, no.

However, she did not end there, as Courtney declared herself “a symbol of Thanksgiving”.

No – we’re got an entertainment!

Look at her shimmy!

Courtney Cox / Video

One of the most horrible GIFs I’ve ever built in my time, for sure.

Also, if there are any comments to move forward, people include:

Hope it doesn’t stink too much here!

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