Courage: From heart to work

Before Mel Gibson took over the media space for very bad reasons, the actor and director signed on for a film in 1995 that will go down in history: brave Heart (brave Heart), Five Oscar winners (including Best Picture and Best Director).

It is impossible to deny the portrait of Sir William Wallace, the thirteenth Scottish warrior.EFor the century that fought for the independence of the country, there is still a unique and wonderful breath that wipes out everything in its path.

But the film also hides some secrets.

Valiant Heart by Mel Gibson Photo: Paramount Pictures

From distant origins

If the film depicts Wallace’s struggle with a particular modernity, its origins are long – over 12,000 lines. The epic and biographical poem of the 15thE Century, adopted by Randall Wallace for film, was its first screenplay. Wallace, along with a predetermined name, will write the writings Pearl Harbor as well as We were soldiers He co-directed with Mel Gibson. Loyalty is beyond words.

A group of warriors wearing nipples and spears in front of a burning building.
Valiant Heart by Mel Gibson Photo: Paramount Pictures

Mel Gibson, Second Choice

Mel Gibson has long wanted to embark on this adventure. But, as always, in the wonderful world of cinema, funding and other adventures were pushing the project backwards. Among them, the director’s choice to pilot a film with tremendous ambitions was thorny. Producer, Mel Gibson, wanted Terry Gilliam to take care of it, but he refused and he decided to make it himself. Once this action was taken, Gibson wanted Wallace to play the young Jason Patrick (his age matched the character), and later Brad Pitt, but Paramount refused, arguing that his millions of people should only fund a movie starring one star. Gibson himself!

As the actor found a character to measure his intensity in Wallace, a reasonable choice.

A man (Mel Gibson) with weapons and tartan, on horseback, ready for battle.
Valiant Heart by Mel Gibson Photo: Paramount Pictures

The army was strengthened

Filmed mainly in Scotland. brave Heart The landscape of Ireland was also used to capture some of the most spectacular battle scenes. However, it takes a significant number of men in the ranks of fighters to scale such scenes. No problem, the Irish army directed their reserves, so they were more than enough to play battalions of both armies.

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A man wearing a plaid behind a woman carrying a basket (Mel Gibson).
Valiant Heart by Mel Gibson Photo: Paramount Pictures

Historical reviews

As soon as the film was released in theaters in 1995, critics failed to point out many historical flaws in the story (especially Wallace’s love affair with French princess Isabelle, played by Sophie Marso, and the fact that she wore a kilt!), Focusing more on the bloody battles and a particular heightened struggle against masculinity.

In 2009, the Times ranked it second among the most inaccurate films in film history! ATrivial“,” text “:” broutille “}”> Trivial Since 1996, Scottish authorities estimate that thanks to the film, tourist revenues have skyrocketed to 15 15 million and international shootings have increased in the country. In 1996, a large statue of Mel Gibson named Wallace was erected near Sterling, Scotland (hated by locals, removed in 2008). Something, unfortunately, is definitely good …

Someone wearing a tartan plaid and sword (Mel Gibson).
Valiant Heart by Mel Gibson Photo: Paramount Pictures

A forgotten sequel

brave Heart It made an impression that we could say it was on its own (Mel Gibson admitted in 2016 that there was a four-hour version of the film, but it would only cost a few dollars to finalize …).

But in the face of success, how many manufacturers mistakenly believe that the cow still has milk to give?

Built in 2019 by Richard Gray Suite“,” Text “:” Suite “}”> Suite From brave Heart, A monumental failure, focusing on the character of Robert Bruce (Robert the Bruce).

brave HeartTrailer at ICI Télé, December 5, 11:30 pm (Source: YouTube)

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