Couple finds treasure with Google Earth: how much they earned

Couple finds treasure with Google Earth: how much they earned

Achievement by two amateur paleontologists thanks to Google Earth. They find 150 million years old marine fossil deposits.


Two new British paleontologists tapped Google Earth Technology To find one of the largest marine fossil beds ever found. Neville and Sally Hollingworth, the couple’s names, used the dead time of the Pandemic to explore our planet from home using the Google app. A strange discovery led them to contact the Museum of Natural History and thus receive an important communication.

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Find a treasure with Google Earth


Neville and Sally, a British couple, decided Search for new sites The end of the Pandemic has not been decided. On Google Earth, they began to see areas near the residence until they identified the exact point, an unusual area. When in doubt, they contacted the Natural History Museum and exposed their theory. Two new paleontologists speculated that the discovery may actually be the same Area with fossils But the significance of the discount was far from what they imagined.

Excavated Hundreds of fossils Conserves rare marine life well. Sea cucumbers, sea lilies, starfish, and feathered stars are more than 150 million years old. In general, fossils of these species are difficult to find because they require special protection under special circumstances. Yet this time the treasure was preserved, and now found.

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What is the value of the unveiled treasure?

The treasure was inhabited Giurasico Media, 174 to 164 million years ago, it may have been buried alive due to submerged landslides. The location of the bodies indicates a defensive attempt but they are unlikely to escape. Site considering the origin of the deposit “Jurassic Pompeii“The value of the discovery is high because the study of fossils allows for new cataloging, and the works remain intact, which facilitates and completes the planned study.

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