Could our desire for life have been fulfilled sooner than expected? The answer was found by scientists in diamonds


A recent study of ancient diamonds points to a remarkable situation. Already 2.7 billion years ago, the portal writes that our desire would be ready for an “explosion” of life MSN.

Diamonds can serve as a time pill that allows scientists to examine the past and determine the structure of the Earth’s atmosphere. Volatile gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, neon or carbon enter the atmosphere from the Earth’s mantle. The diamonds in the mantle can store these gases and reveal the structure of the Earth’s mantle Hence the atmosphere At the time of their creation.

Researchers at the French University of Lorraine have used diamonds to show that the structure of the atmosphere at the time of the Neochemicals was similar to that of today. More specifically, these are important substances for life. Carbon and nitrogen had a similar presence in the atmosphere today, 2.7 billion years ago. Organisms depend on certain volatile substances. These substances are found not only on our planet but also on our planet Venus, Although this planet is not considered habitable.

Important objects for life

There may have been volatile objects in the Martian atmosphere on the planet, but eventually they escaped into space. It is believed that in the past, Mars had a life-friendly heart Loss of magnetic field Caused great damage. Without protection, Mars’ atmosphere is “own” by the solar wind.

Astronomers are trying to find volatile matter Atmosphere of planets outside our solar system. These gases can be a good indicator of whether a given exoplanet is habitable or not.

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A new study examining the Earth’s atmospheric structure about diamonds discovered by researchers in a 2.7 billion year old rock. Diamonds are thought to be older than rock.

“It’s difficult to determine the exact age of a diamond. The rock we found the diamonds in may help a little. Michael Brodley said.

Scientists heat diamonds to more than 2,000 C Thereby converting them to graphite. During this process, the target gases of the study were released. Analysis of the isotopes of argon, helium and neon has shown that there has been no significant change in the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 2.7 billion years. It is still possible that the diamonds are old and that the earth may have had more favorable living conditions than previously thought. However, study is an important step in understanding the history of our planet.

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