Costs, packages and content of the telecom streaming service

Costs, packages and content of the telecom streaming service

Here you can read about what MagentaTV charges for, what versions and packages of the streaming service you can book, and what content you can expect.

With MagentaTV, Telecom has launched an in-house streaming service that can be booked not only by its own customers but also by customers of other internet and telephone providers. The platform attracts a large number of film and series titles, including HD channels, attractive originals, and auxiliary TV functions. You can not only integrate MagentaTV streaming service with other streaming portals, but also book without a telecom contract.

Neu: MagentaTV Entertain inklusive Disney + 6 Monate Free

The telecom streaming platform is available to you regardless of your telephone and internet provider. You can currently use the service for free for six months before paying the first monthly fee of 12 euros. In the second year you regularly pay 15 euros per month.

The new thing is that all the package options include the RTL + Premium (formerly TVNOW) offer. If you can do without an additional Disney subscription, you also have the option to include Netflix. Of course, you can also book MagentaTV without an additional streaming service. Depending on your choice, monthly prices will also change after the free period.

Get a subscription now: Book MagentaTV and stream for free for six months.

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MagentaTV: Costs for new and existing customers

Complete internet and telephone flat rate packages

If you already have a DSL agreement with Telecom, you can easily change the tariff and add the MagentaTV offer. However, if you want to terminate a new internet contract, you can book the full package, including in-house streaming service, directly from Telecom. In principle, you can choose from four all-round negligence packages:

  • MagentaTV basedInternet, Landline Flat Rates, Media Center From 19.95 euros Monthly *
  • MagentaTV SmartInternet, Landline Flat Rate, Media Center, RTL + Premium From 19.95 euros Monthly *
  • MagentaTV EntertainmentInternet, Landline Flat Rate, Media Library, RTL + Premium, Disney + From 19.95 euros Monthly *
  • MagentaTV NetflixInternet, Landline Flat Rate, Media Library, RTL +, Netflix From 19.95 euros Monthly *
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You currently benefit from the fact that the streaming service is free for the first six months. Each tariff has a credit of 170 euros.

* Prices shown are for the first six months and are based on current offers – note the date the article was created. From the seventh month, the monthly fee will increase depending on the internet package you are booking. Here you can choose from Package S with 16 MBit / s download and up to 2.4 MBit / s upload to Package XL with 250 MBit / s download and 50 MBit / s upload.

MagentaTV – This is included in the offer

Watch live TV anywhere

MagentaTV offers a variety of channels, More than 50 of them are HD. You can watch all public broadcasters and private channels like Sat.1, RTL and Pro7 in HD quality. The event also includes Stages 1, 2 and 3 of Magenta Music, where you can watch live concerts and festivals.

In addition to this offer, you can add many more TVPackages Like focus The movie, Kinder, Sports And Tissue Pay TV channels like FOX, ProSieben Fun, TNT Film and Universal TV are included here. Here you will find Complete channel list of MagentaTV.

Stream movies and series from the Mega Library

As a MagentaTV customer, you have access to an extensive mega library that contains approximately 8,000 titles, including series, movies, shows, and documentaries. You can download selected programs for free and watch them offline later. Mega Library offers great international series such as “The Walking Dead”, “Handmade Tail”, “The Good Fight”, and the Spanish series “Velvet”. The Media Library includes some of the most popular programs and series from ARD and ZDF, including over 200 episodes of “Tatort” and more recently TVNOW’s content.

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Originals and exclusives are a special feature that can only be found here. In-house productions such as “My Brilliant Girlfriend” and “Cardinal” were also directed by Johannes B. Also includes a new talk show with Kerner: “Best Cast”. Here you will find A review All the contents of the mega library.

TV features

The MagentaTV platform not only provides HD television, but also access to in-house streaming services, including links to partners such as a mega library and Netflix. Additionally, you have other functions that you can use to customize your TV experience at home:

  • 7 Tage Replay: Selected programs are available for up to a week after airing and can be viewed later
  • Timeshift TV: If you need a short break, you can pause the current program and resume later
  • restart: Missed the first minutes of a show? No problem: you can restart multiple programs with the “restart” function and view them from scratch

Which devices does MagentaTV support?

On Personal computers and laptops You can see all the content in the browser. For Tablets and smartphones You can use it for free Android– or iOS-App Download from related app stores. MagentaTV can be installed on up to five devices at no extra charge. You can watch TV or cloud recording on up to two devices at the same time. By in-house MagentaTV-Stick Or like other media sticks Google Chromecast And Fire-TV-Stick The content can also be viewed on television.

Do you want to add MagentaTV? By taking the quiz you can find out which streaming service is best for you:

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