Costex sets a limit for redefining All-de-France, which is 400

Costex sets a limit for redefining All-de-France, which is 400

The Prime Minister explained that if the Ice-de-France region had not been subject to the same restrictions as the Pass-de-Calais, it would have happened because its incidence did not reach 400.

This Sunday evening, during an interview on the Twitch platform, Jean Castex reaffirmed the government’s localization policy in applying anti-Kovid restrictions. When asked about the difference in treatment between Pass-de-Calais and Ele-de-France, he said control measures could be taken when the rate increases to 400 per lakh in the Ole-de-France region.

“We started in these departments (imprisonment on weekends) was 400 per million inhabitants. It is still below,” Jean Castex said in All-de-France, “Until this figure is reached, we cannot take the same steps.”

This limit has not yet been clearly established. In his March 4 speech, Jean Castex, referring to the regulation of pass-de-Calais, declared that two sections “henceforth exceeded the limit of 400 per lakh” without mentioning that it was a question of a new official official alert. Level.

“We can’t take a department alone”

This limit for imposing new restrictions has not yet been clearly stated. Last week, the situation in Pass-de-Calais and All-de-France was compared mainly in terms of revival.

The incidence rate – the number of confirmed cases in the last seven days, reported to 100,000 residents – has been rising in the Ile-de-France region, now reaching 391; According to the latest data from Public Health France. But in some departments it has already exceeded 400.

The data so recorded give 486 in Sean-St-Denis, 440 in Val-d’Oisil, 428 in Val-de-Marne, and 400 in Sean-et-Marne, but there is no dispute in limiting these four categories.

“In El-de-France, the biggest difficulty compared to the Pass-de-Calais is that we cannot take a department in isolation because there is a lot of population flow and this area as a whole needs to be considered,” he said.

“Make this decision when you’ve tried everything”

At the end of last week, the executive, for the first time in days, completely suspended his imprisonment in El-de-France. Hospital rehabilitation services are saturated there and patient relocation needs to be organized.

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The prime minister described the efforts as “fruitful” in the first cities, Nice and Dunkirk.

“Limiting is tough,” Jean Castex recalled, “you should only make this decision when you’ve tried everything, and that’s what we do.”

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