Cosmot Neo: Digital Mobile Arrives in Greece – All Digital, Without Commitments and Subscriptions | Hellas

Cosmot Neo: Digital Mobile Arrives in Greece - All Digital, Without Commitments and Subscriptions |  Hellas

With a view to the future and a holistic approach to the needs of the users Cosmot Introduced by Cosmot Neo and redefined the mobile telephony map of Greece.

Some will describe it Cosmot Neo The digital revolution, some will talk about the new generation mobile, but whatever the characterization that everyone gives to it, the only guarantee is that users will loose their hands because they can choose and implement the package themselves. And the services they need using an app called My Cosmot App. Everything is done easily, quickly, simply and digitally. With a few clicks on their mobile …

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What are the features of Cosmot Neo?

The first 100% digital mobile telephony enables subscribers to determine the required package each time.

The procedures are simple. Log in to the app My Cosmot app, Data identification and selection and configuration of services and features on a monthly basis. Cosmot subscribers are free to choose from additional packages (data, voice, SMS) at any time, with unique upgrades to pay and even service. An application that is perfectly compatible with smartphones, it is a completely non-binding program that they can terminate at any time at no extra charge. In fact, the packages offered by Cosmot Neo are based on research that shows what subscribers are asking for and what they really want.

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For subscribers who want to be “always connected” and at high speeds

According to research conducted by COSMOTE in collaboration with IPSOS, the modern consumer has learned to live in a digital world where everything is done quickly, easily and digitally via mobile phone. He wants to be “always connected” at high speeds and without restrictions. While he has the flexibility to choose the plan every month according to his needs, he wants to feel safe that data or talk time will not run out. All of this is in the logic of value for money, enjoying quality services that are worth the money without the extra costs and commitments.

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Options for the “Digital Key” generation – 4 simple combinations

As reported by Cosmot, Cosmot Neo comes to cater to the needs of a generation of so-called “digital savvy”. They feel comfortable in the modern digital world, familiar with technology, and know how to do everything from their mobile phone.

Therefore, Cosmot, along with Neo, offers 4 simple combinations of GB and talk time, with prices ranging from 20-30 per month. At the same time, there are additional packages (MB, Airtime, SMS) that users can activate automatically at any time according to their needs.

Complete control without commitments and subscriptions

“Good morning” Cosmot Neo has been offering subscribers what they have been wanting for years. Must have full control over their account, but without commitments or subscriptions.

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Cosmot Neo addresses 25-35 year olds who, after completing their studies, begin to be active in the workplace and use mobile phones for work or leisure purposes in their daily lives. .

Key Features of Cosmot Neo

  • 100% digital, everything from activation, plan selection, subscriber identification, management and payment to service, all start and end digitally through the My COSMOTE app.
  • Unbound, because it can be stopped at any time, at no extra charge.
  • Flexible gives the user the ability to change the plan every month according to his needs (more data, more minutes, etc.).
  • Simple, because it combines 4 combinations of airtime and talk time and selects additional packages for greater flexibility.
  • Data Oriented, because it offers packages with rich volumes of data.
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Start with a 100 GB gift for the whole year

COSMOTE welcomes new COSMOTE Neo subscribers with a unique introductory offer. Offers 100GB gift for 12 months.

More about COSMOTE Neo

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