Cosmot Home Connect: The new service offers an accurate solution to home internet problems

Cosmot Home Connect: The new service offers an accurate solution to home internet problems

Cosmot Home Connect Cosmot has officially introduced a new service that promises to fix your home internet if you have problems. This is essentially a set of services with specialized technicians for the ultimate solution to your home internet problems. Cosmote says:

To enjoy the best internet you can give your home, improve everything that affects your connection! Did you know that home internet is often influenced by the specifics of your home, such as the layout, wiring quality, and decoration? Or do the devices we connect to the Internet need settings that play an important role? So, having good speed on your connection alone is not enough, you need to identify and improve all the other factors that affect the internet experience.

That’s why Cosmot is introducing the new exclusive service Cosmot Home Connect, which allows dedicated partners to come directly to your space and control everything and find the best solutions for you to enjoy the best internet possible.

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Infrastructure activities:

  • Internet & Data Network Cableing / Installation / Ethernet (LAN) Internal Network Repair
  • Installation / repair of horizontal or vertical internal wiring of a building
  • Replacement / repair of external building wiring to OTE terminal point
  • Replacement / repair of telecommunication service sockets


  • Installation / Configuration / Restoration of Active Network Devices (IAD, Router, PowerPlugs, Repeaters, etc.)

Connected devices:

  • Installation and installation of wireless devices

Service fee

COSMOTE has created this new innovative service that wants to help its subscribers To improve the infrastructure of their home. Service Cosmot Home Connect Provides you with a complete set of specific tasks within your home, designed to suit the specific needs of each home. The lowest service charge starts at 25 initial cost. See service rates in detail Here.

For your best service, Cosmot Home Connect service includes:

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Immediate response:

  • If you contact us, a representative of COSMOTE will immediately call you for remote control of your connection and guide you to the next steps.

1 year performance guarantee:

  • You’re solving the problem once and for all with the Cosmot Home Connect service! Because all our work has a one year warranty, which means that even if the same problem happens again, you’re covered!

Useful FAQs:

What jobs in my area fall within the scope of the service?

A certified partner comes to your place to provide solutions to telephone and internet problems, such as:

Installation and installation of wireless devices

Construction of Internet and Data Network Cabling (Data)

Installation of network equipment (WiFi repeater, access point, switch)

I am interested in the service. How can I make an appointment with a qualified partner?

After filling out the contact form you find on the site, a representative of the COSMOTE Home Connect service will contact you to see the problem and, if necessary, make an appointment with a specific partner. Alternatively you can call 13888 or the Coslomot Home Connect service.

What is the service time of the service to make an appointment?

You can contact us every day from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 21:00. If you address the team outside of working hours, your interest will be noted and a COSMOTE Home Connect service representative will contact you the next day.

How do I know if the technician visiting me is out of service?

Prior to your scheduled appointment with the Special Partner of the Service, an informative SMS with his details will be sent to you.

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How much does a technician’s visit cost?

Materials to be used (if any) and the cost of a particular partner’s visit 45 െങ്കിൽ if the visit does not exceed one hour and 55 if the visit does not exceed 2 hours. If the job requires more than one visit, the cost is determined after studying the relevant requirements prepared by the specialized partner and delivered to the client. If the client approves the study, the work will continue according to the costs provided in it.

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