Corsair MP400 4TB Test: High capacity SSD under certain conditions

Corsair MP400 4TB Test: High capacity SSD under certain conditions

The MP400s are not intended to surpass the speed records in the field of SSDs, leaving the Corsair to the best MP600 series. Users looking for high-capacity SSDs are offered a solution to choose from, especially for players whose games exceed hundreds of gigabytes. Specific capacity ranges from 1 to 8 TB, which is in the classic M.2 2280 format. We are testing the 4TB version here.

To manage to attach multiple bytes to such a module, Corsair set views in QLC memory from micron factories. The use of QLC makes perfect sense because each cell can contain up to 4 bits of data, as opposed to the usual 3 bits of TLC memory. In short, QLC memory allows more data to be stored in a specific space, called density. This 3D NAND type memory (96 layers) is associated with a Fission E12S controller and 2 GB of cache memory.

The 4TB MP400 distributed 8 memory chips on each side of the Corsair PCB – 4 chips each year. The cache memory is divided into two by 1GB on both sides of the PCB. This technological choice allows the manufacturer to provide such storage capacity in conjunction with the nature of the memory chips.

The 4TB Corsair MP400 comes with a 5 year warranty. The longer the length of a product that wants to be entry level. It also has a write-off of 800 TB, which represents 449 GB of daily writing over 5 years. Suffice it to say that we rarely reach this limit. Short reminder, the guarantee is valid in the first of the expired terms – length or writing.

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