Corruption erupts and Dean resigns

Corruption erupts and Dean resigns

The official who allowed the music video to be filmed misunderstood: “I thought it was a story of conversion.” A church cleansing program was organized

The archdiocese explained that Dean would step down on October 15, according to a statement “in full communion” with the archbishop of Toledo Francisco Cero. But for Dean, the video and song testified to “someone’s story.” Conversion Through human love “, a language” appropriate to the culture of our time. “

Meanwhile, the archbishop apologized to the faithful and organized a ceremony Purification Sunday, October 17th.

He paid for the production of the video to use the cathedral as a set 15 ml The euro should be allowed for social activities.

Ferrer pointed out that there may be a misunderstanding from the lyrics of the song “I was an atheist / but now I believe / because a miracle like yours had to come down from heaven”.

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