Corona virus: VP nominee Kamala Harris cancels events due to staffer contract COVID-19 | World News

Kamala Harris has suspended in-person events until Monday

A senior staff member on Kamala Harris’ campaign team tested positive for the corona virus.

Like a crew member on a plane picked up by the Vice Presidential candidate on Oct. 8, Harris’ communications director, Liz Allen, tested positive on Wednesday evening.

Harris suspended personal events until Monday.

He had decided to travel to North Carolina on Thursday for events that would motivate voters to record early ballots.

Since the flight, the Vice Presidential candidate has tested negative twice for COVID-19 and has not been in close contact with people who have returned positive – that is, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign statement that there is no need to isolate oneself.

On October 8, Biden’s campaign announced that he and Miss Harris had spent hours together in Arizona, but the presidential candidate had no disclosure.

Ms. Harris and Mr. Biden spent hours together that day through multiple campaign stops, private meetings, and joint appearances in front of reporters at an airport.

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‘I feel so strong, I will kiss everyone’

They were always masked in public, and in private as assistants.

Miss O’Malley Dillon added that Harris had stopped traveling for days “with caution”.

Mr. Biden’s last announced negative test was Tuesday.

He will attend the ABC News Town Hall, which airs live on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

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US President Donald Trump addressed a crowd in Florida on Monday – 11 days after announcing that he had tested positive for the corona virus.

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Dr. Anthony F.C.A member of the US Government’s Corona Virus Task Force has previously criticized the White House for hosting the event.

Many of Trump’s aides and allies tested positive after attending Covid-19 Rose garden The event was unveiled by the President Amy Connie Barrett Like his Supreme Court election.

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