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Corona virus UK: Nottingham facing local lockdown

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Nottingham corona virus cases more than sixfold (Image: PA)

Nottingham is the latest UK city to face a local lockdown following a six-fold rise in corona virus cases in a week.

The local authority expects the government to take strict action by the end of this week, but has already asked people not to meet indoors with people from different backgrounds.

Nottingham Public Health Director Alison Challenger said there had been a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Nottingham. The rate of our infection is now rising compared to many other parts of the country.

‘This is a remarkable and worrying change.’

Nottingham’s infection rates have risen significantly in the past week, with 1,465 new cases reported in the seven days to October 3 – the equivalent of 440.1 cases per 100,000 people.

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In seven days, it went from 71.2 per lakh to September 26 – 237 new cases.

A number of new infections have been detected at the University of Nottingham, where 425 cases have been confirmed from week to Friday.

Officials say current measures are not enough to prevent the virus from spreading and that similar controls are needed in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

We urge people to take action now so as not to meet people from other homes inside the house. If someone has not tested positive or shown symptoms it is okay to interact with those in your support bubbles.

People with Kovid-19 symptoms who have a high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell, are asked to isolate themselves and call 119 to book a test.

We strongly advise young people, including students in the city, to stay in their social bubbles and not to associate with people from other homes in their homes.

    A woman walks through a closed public house in Bolton Town Center

Bolton Town Center, one of several locations in the UK is already under lockdown (Image: Getty)

Statistics show that the rate of Kovid-19 infections across the UK has doubled in a week.

The seven-day rate across the UK is currently 125.7 cases per lakh. One week ago, it was 63.8 per 100,000. The analysis of the PA news agency clarifies.

In England, 478 people were hospitalized. On Sunday, Kovid-19, the highest daily rate in four months, was 241 a week ago.

Other areas with higher rates are Manchester, Nowsley and Liverpool. Newcastle On Tyne, Sheffield and Leeds have also seen a sharp jump in infection rates over the past seven days.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggested Monday A three-tiered lock system to replace existing controls.

A leaked document, Guardian Level 1, suggested that while the ‘rule of six’ was in place, they would remain the same. At the other end of the scale, Level 3 closes shops and pubs and prohibits all social contact between different employees.

Lockdown levels

Matt Hancock is reportedly considering a three-tier lockdown system

Critics say the plan could lead to further confusion amid calls from scientists to “act sooner rather than later” in increasing restrictions.

Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College London, said more measures were needed to reduce the connection between homes when schools and universities were open.

BBC Radio 4 spoke of the possibility of closing ‘extended half-time’ or hospitality platforms to control the virus.

He said: ‘So we are in a more difficult situation, we need to further reduce contact with other sectors of society if schools are to remain open.

‘You may have heard of measures being discussed in the community as a whole, i.e. extended semi-terms, where we are trying to reduce broadcasting to a unified period.

‘I think those steps need to be considered.’

Ferguson, a modeling professor who actually led the nationwide lockdown, said contact tracing data show that participation in bars and restaurants is a risk factor for contracting the virus.

He said: ‘If people are meeting wisely, the risk is really low.

‘I think the danger lies in meeting at home and in the environment.’

“When the weather is cold, visiting the DoDoor is fascinating. People want to meet indoors, but unfortunately that’s where the broadcast takes place.”

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