Corona virus: Robin Swann calls for stricter Covid-19 rules

Corona virus: Robin Swann calls for stricter Covid-19 rules

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The NII corona virus case rate is the highest in the UK per 100,000 population

The Northern Ireland Health Minister said strong action was now needed to prevent the spread of Kovid-19.

Robin Swann said he would recommend tightening executive restrictions when ministers meet Thursday.

Statistics show that the time has come to introduce measures to limit contact between people.

He added that decisions were needed as to whether Northern Ireland as a whole was applicable or whether higher rates of the virus were applicable in more localized areas.

The health minister said other ministers would agree on the need to take action now in the hope that further restrictions could be lifted in the coming days.

Swan told a Stonemont press conference that the number of Covid-19 cases in Northern Ireland was rising sharply and that “more and more older people are starting to test positive”.

Northern Ireland’s current case rate is 35 per 100,000 – much higher than the UK’s embargo on other countries, with more than 20 cases per 100,000 people.

“Clearly, if a foreign country has our figures, we will determine the ship for anyone who returns from us,” Swann said.

‘No further test explanation’

In the coming weeks, there will be no area in Northern Ireland that is not infected with the virus. Ian Young said.

The number of seven-day rolling average cases rose from four per day in early July to more than 90 earlier this week – a 20-fold increase.

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The minister and two senior health officials issued a stern warning on Wednesday

Some say the rise is due to the fact that more tests are now taking place than in early July. Young said.

At a time when the number of cases has increased more than twenty times, the average number of inspections has increased fivefold – not an increased inspection explanation, ”he said.

In early July, tests below 0.5% give a positive result based on the seven-day rolling average.

It has now risen to 2% in Tests or 1 in 50.

At times, the figure was as high as 3%. Young said.

This clearly indicates an increase in infectious disease and an increase in community transmission.

‘Our position is bad’

Northern Ireland has one “more” cases of infection per million people than any other country in the UK or Ireland. Young added.

At present our position is worse than that of England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland, ”he said.

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland said it had confirmed 49 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours. No new deaths have been reported, so the death toll is 567.

In the Republic of Ireland, three deaths related to the corona virus were confirmed on Wednesday and 84 new cases of Kovid-19. The death toll in the Republic is now 1,781.

The BBC understands that health officials in Northern Ireland are considering a number of options that could change the rules at community conferences.

The case rate for one million people in Northern Ireland is high across the UK.

The UK’s 14-day total cases per lakh are around 22, while Northern Ireland has more than 35.

England’s numbers would have been affected Government decision to limit social gatherings to six or less, With some exceptions, from Monday.

The fact that the rate of one lakh cases in Northern Ireland is so high will affect how the executive decides to act.

Chief Medical Officer Michael McBride urged students to be vigilant over the weekend.

The health minister said there would be a wide-ranging discussion at the executive meeting on Thursday on whether council areas or postcodes could be used to impose restrictions.

There have been several local lockdowns in England and Scotland, and public health officials felt that the number was reaching a level where action needed to be taken to keep it out of control.

Meanwhile, it was reported on Wednesday that a visit to a ward at Altnagelwin Hospital in London had been suspended.

The Western Trust said the move to Ward 50, which treats cancer and hematology patients, is aimed at reducing their risk.

Some visits may be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

It comes later Four hematology patients died After being tested positive for the corona virus, he was admitted to the Craigown Area Hospital.

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