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South Korea Yonhap news agency reports that 44 million people have signed deals with four companies to buy Kovid-19 vaccines: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Modena, And Johnson & Johnson.

As the government prepares plans to secure vaccine candidates needed to vaccinate millions of people next year, 594 new corona virus cases have been reported in South Korea. The elderly, leading health care providers, and first responders are the first to be vaccinated.

South Korea has received 64 million doses for 44 million people (three vaccines require two shots). The 34 million vaccines come directly from drug manufacturers and 10 million through the World Health Organization. Ordered vaccines are sufficient to make up 88% of the population.

Unlike South Korea’s previous two wave infections, the new wave focused on a handful of facilities or events, led by small and difficult clusters in and around the densely populated capital. Seoul.

A Kovid-19 experiment is being conducted in Seoul.

A Kovid-19 experiment is being conducted in Seoul. Photo: Zion Hyun-Kyun / EPA

Deputy Health Minister Kang Do-tai The government has not been able to trace the origin of 26% of all cases and the positive rate has quadrupled to 4% in a month.

“If the social gap is not properly enforced, the eruption in the larger Seoul region could lead to further outbreaks across the country,” Kang told a meeting of health officials according to the health ministry’s transcript.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in Monday called for more corona virus testing and more comprehensive detection, and infections continue to rise despite more controlled social remote measures.

Health officials predict that the number of daily cases will be between 550 and 750 this week, and will rise to 900 next week.

Kang said if such predictions were accurate, the country’s health system would collapse.

“Covid-19 can not only treat patients but also provide essential medical services,” he said.

In South Korea, there are currently 38,755 reported cases and 552 deaths.

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