Corona virus Ireland: Precautionary measures against pubs, restaurants and home visits

Corona virus Ireland: Precautionary measures against pubs, restaurants and home visits

The Christmas and New Year celebrations will be cut short as pubs, restaurants and home visits will be delayed due to the alarm about the rising level of Kovid-19.

The National Public Health Emergency Response Team (NFET) has called on the government to impose restrictions on home visits and the hospitality sector from December 28. In a letter to the government, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Three days after Christmas Day, the family said Tony Holohan’s team should reduce home visits to another. Enfet said pubs and restaurants should close from this date.

The recommendations come in the wake of an increase in Kovid-19 cases since the lockdown ended on December 1.

Last night, tennis leo Varakdar admitted that he would impose restrictions on the hospitality sector before the end of the year, which would be a “devastating blow”.

“I know this is a very difficult decision to make, but it’s a tough decision to make, but if we have to wait until January 3 or January 6, the restrictions we have to impose may be stricter, or we may not have to go any further,” he said of the RTI. Important time.

Taoist Michel Martin revealed last night that a cabinet meeting would be convened on Tuesday to consider the recommendations.

The country is already filled with the pre-Christmas spirit, which has led to a rush to socialize with an average of 3.4 contacts of people infected with the virus, increasing the likelihood of transmission.

From today people can travel outside their country and visit visitors to their homes up to two other homes for Christmas.

Professor Philip Nolan, who tracks the virus, said that if the R number – under 1 – is at least 1.1 or 1.3, it shows how fast the virus is spreading.

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“Ireland is currently in a period of rapid growth, and if it is allowed to continue we are concerned that by the second week of January there will be 700-1,200 cases per day.”

To the question of whether there is a possibility of a January lockdown if the level of the virus increases, Nothing has been revealed and Enfet will visit again on Wednesday.

“The 1,200 level cases that have landed in the country in the last six weeks are a pessimistic forecast and it is not necessary to heed the advice,” he said. Nolan warned.

Earlier, after yesterday’s Enfet meeting, Dr. Taoist Michel Martin, who is associated with the Holocaust, said the cabinet would take seriously the ban on pubs, restaurants and home visits during New Year’s celebrations.

“The rise of the second wave is mainly in young people, so it has not had a similar impact on hospitals and ICUs,” he said, adding that the health care system is in good shape this winter and wants to keep it that way.

“We will give a lot of information about the decisions taken by the government,” he told RTE News.

But Labor leader Alan Kelly said last night that he could not wait five days to hear from the public and the government about the additional Kovid restrictions that could take effect before the New Year.

“The public and businesses need determination to impose some additional restrictions on home visits and hospitality,” Tavosech said.

Tavosich should put forward a cabinet meeting tomorrow morning and announce possible restrictions as soon as possible.

Three deaths related to Kovid-19 and 484 new diseases were detected yesterday. The hospital has 200 infected patients and 31 are in intensive care. He has been admitted to 30 additional hospitals in the last 24 hours.

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Yesterday’s new cases included 150 in Dublin, 45 in Wexford, 40 in Cork, 32 in Donegal and 29 in Limerick.
The cases spread to 20 other countries.

Dr. Holohan does not disclose Nphet recommendations. He said: “We have received reports of outbursts in social arrangements, including workplace arrangements, funerals, weddings, Christmas parties and weddings.”

He said the consequences of not restricting contacts would be “exponential”Absolute growth in January ”.

Many people have already picked up the virus and are unaware of it, but the biggest fear is that it will be passed on to vulnerable people at Christmas celebrations.

Essential Services – Enfet recommends restrictions on the opening of schools and non-Covid health services. Holohan said.

He explained that although Ireland has the lowest incidence rate in Europe, more restrictions need to be put in place to maintain these essential public services.

Speaking on RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland about the recommendation, he said: “We are keeping track of the infection to conduct a weekly assessment, and that we did this yesterday and to make that assessment and make recommendations to the Minister and the Government. We think it is necessary to deal with the increase in the number of infectious diseases, especially in the next few days, although it was established in early December when we began to ease restrictions.

“We think we need to take action now to protect not only public health, but also our community. We were able to do this in caring for and caring for health services for people in need for other things. Than Kovid.

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We do not want to override Kovid when health services and GPs are unable to stop him.

“We have been able to do all that, and if we continue with the broadcast we see now in a very short time, we will experience the rate of infection affecting public health as early as January. It is dangerous as long as it begins to affect our ability to maintain the maintenance of truly essential public services. ”

A person between the ages of 60 and 65 is more likely to die from the virus if one in 15 people is admitted to the hospital and one in 20 people. Nolan pointed out.

The rate of infection is higher among younger people and affects older people.

Professor Martin Cormicon, who heads the HSE Infection Control, advised that only people you “trust with your life” should be met this Christmas.

He said it was essential that guests be offered alcohol when they arrive – alcohol gel. Or, direct them to where the soap and water are.

Prof. Cormicon said: “If you want to see someone who is old or medically weak for Christmas, your preparation begins now.

“If you risk your health in the next 10 days, help them and stay away. Meet the smallest people possible inside the house. Only visit people you trust in your life. ”

He also said that people should not be pressured to accept an invitation if they want to be contacted by phone or any other means of communication.

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