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Corona virus in Ireland – Top professor says it is ‘unreasonable’ to ask public to wear masks on Dublin streets

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A senior professor has said it is unreasonable to ask the public to cover their faces when walking the busy streets of Dublin.

Luke O’Neill, a professor of biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin, said using masks in more crowded places was the way to go. Covid-19 Rose in the nation’s capital.


“It’s not unreasonable to ask people to wear masks on the busy streets of Dublin,” he said. Oh Neil saidAttribution: AFP or Licensors
He said masks should be mandatory in places where it is difficult to maintain social distance.  Jack Lambert asked the government


He said masks should be mandatory in places where it is difficult to maintain social distance. Jack Lambert asked the governmentAttribution: AFP or Licensors
Professor Luke O'Neill says the do-it-yourself mask is one that can't be kept far enough away from others.


Professor Luke O’Neill says the do-it-yourself mask is one that can’t be kept far enough away from others.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronan Glyn told Dubliners on Saturday to keep their social contact as long as possible.

Professor Luke O’Neill said it was “good to wear your mask” on a busy street.

‘Not unrestricted’

He said Newstock: “In Asia, if you look at a street in Tokyo, there are crowds of people all wearing masks.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Remember: it’s great if you’re two meters away, and the orthodox is even better.

“But if you get within a few inches of someone on a busy street, it’s a good idea to wear your mask.

“In fact some countries recommend keeping your mask comfortable – if you find yourself outside in a crowded place, turn on the mask – being careful not to touch it too much.

“But it’s not unreasonable to suggest that.”

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Expert advice

Dr. It comes down to an epidemiological consultant named Jack Lambert Maternal hospital, Said to wear masks on the streets of the Irish capital.

Speaking Irish Independent, The procedure for wearing a mask in a crowded place is “now to be taken”. Lambert said.

This is because the health department has confirmed that it exists 138 new cases of Kovid-19 were confirmed last night – 68 confirmed in Dublin.

Yesterday’s 23 cases were identified as community transmission and 39 percent were confirmed to be related to the explosion or were closely related to the confirmed case.

In the last 24 hours, 79 women and 59 men and 67 per cent of cases under the age of 45 were detected.

Hospital statistics

The latest figures from HSE, Kovid-19 show 50 confirmed patients being treated in Irish hospitals – 61 patients infected with the corona virus are being treated in 16 intensive care units.

The vast majority of confirmed cases are in Dublin hospitals – Beaumont Hospital treats 16 patients, St. James’ Hospital six patients and Talag Hospital four patients.

Kovid-19 is being treated at Beaumont Hospital with 11 patients. Six cases are suspected at Galway University Hospital and five at the CHI Crumlin.

As of 8pm last night, eight patients were being treated for confirmed and suspected Kovid-19 in Irish pediatric hospitals.

A young patient with confirmed Covid-19 is being treated at CHI Tallag, five patients suspected of having Covid-19 are being treated at CHI Crumlin, and two suspected cases are being treated at CHI Tallag.

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ICU statistics

The CHI Crumlin also has a patient who is suspected of having the disease in critical care.

As of 6.30pm last night, there were six confirmed cases of Kovid-19 in the Irish intensive care unit and seven patients suspected of being Kovid-19 in the ICU.

Six patients confirmed in the ICU are being treated on ventilators – ventilation is required for three suspected cases of infection.

Patients treated in the ICU are spread over Tallat, St. James, South Tipperary, Mater, Letterkenny, and Beaumont.

Cases confirmed in Irish hospitals

Beaumont – 16

St. James – 6

തല്ല – 4

Kilkenny – 3

UHL – 3

Wexford – 3

Connolly – 2

Letterkenny – 2

Mother – 2

Thullamore – 2

UHW – 2


NAS – 1

Sligo – 1

South Tip – 1

St. Vincent’s – 1

Specific cases in Irish hospitals

Beaumont – 11

GUH – 6

CHI Crumlin – 5

NAS – 5

Portiunkula – 4

Sligo – 4

Mother – 3

Mercy – 3

South Tip – 3

UHL – 3

CHI Tallat – 2

Letterkenny – 2

തല്ല – 2

UHW – 2

Connolly – 1

Mallinker – 1

St. James – 1

Thullamore – 1

UHK – 1

Wexford – 1

In his application to Dubliners on Saturday, Dr. Ronan Glynn said: “There are significant cases pending Today in Dublin, it is important to examine the day’s figures in the light of our seven and 14 day events.

“NPIT focuses on data trends and patterns over time to analyze the progress of Kovid-19 across specific areas and settings across the country.”

“However, it is important now that people in Dublin keep their social interactions as low as possible.”

Kovid-19 cases are confirmed and suspected in Irish acute hospitals


Kovid-19 cases are confirmed and suspected in Irish acute hospitalsAttribution: HSE
Disruption of patients in critical care


Disruption of patients in critical careAttribution: HSE

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