Corona virus cases increase in four to six weeks: GMB warning

Corona virus cases increase in four to six weeks: GMB warning

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Corona virus cases are expected to rise in the UK in four to six weeks, according to a Good Morning UK medical expert. Aamir Khan warned.

Appearing at the GMB on Thursday, Dr. Dr. on the show. The doctor, who stands for Hillary Jones, was discussing the latest pandemic news with hosts Kate Garvey and Charlotte Hawkins.

As restrictions are tightened across the US, northeastern regions, including Greater Manchester, are shifting to Tier-Three – the highest lockdown – on Friday. Khan ressed the importance of people following the rules.

Tier-Three prohibits the mixing of different houses into a high-risk area, prohibits marriages, and discourages travel to and from affected areas.

Pubs and bars in areas under strict lockdown can only serve alcohol with ‘substantial food’.

With corona virus cases on the rise across the country, Dr. Cunningham wonders if things will get worse before things get better. Asked by Khan, he replied: ‘The number of cases is very low and then what happens in the hospital? Tragic deaths.

Within four to six weeks of the corona virus peak, Drs. Khan warns (Image: ITV)

If the Northeast and Northeast numbers did not do much more at the third level and things did not work out correctly, those numbers could increase, with reports saying scientists could see a peak from four. Six weeks here and then in other parts of the country around Christmas and New Year. ‘

However, for those who observe that NHS officials are now in a better position to deal with the corona virus, Drs. Khan promised.

It is always worthwhile to repeat the messages related to social distance, wearing a mask and hand washing വരു There are treatment options in hospitals when people get sick, ”said Dr. Khan said.

‘Steroids are used, we know they work, we didn’t know it in the beginning. We know more about the available treatment and the virus than ever before. ‘

The medical professional claim tire system for LockDown is ‘difficult’ to understand (Image: ITV)

He also spoke about the lockdown tire system introduced by the government. Khan was questioned. The police officer in charge of responding to the epidemic had recently come forward and said he did not understand the rules.

Touching on the confusion that different controls bring in different areas, Dr. Khan admitted that it was difficult to understand.

“Can I do this?” I get calls every day from family and friends. They tried to make it easier with the tire system, but I’m not sure it would work, ‘he claimed.

‘People have to look at it constantly, it’s hard … sometimes I have to look at it.’

There are currently 780,000 cases of corona virus infection in the UK, and the number of deaths now exceeds 44,000.

Reports claim that there is a possibility of a lockdown circuit breaker and that it could take up to three weeks for the country to move to another national lockdown, which could lead to the spread of the virus.

Not everyone is up for the specific circuit breaker, however, as GMB host Kate clashed with a restaurant owner earlier this week, as she opposed plans.

The Good Morning UK working days are broadcast on ITV from 6am.

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