Corona virus: 1,217 cases reported in Northern Ireland

Corona virus: 1,217 cases reported in Northern Ireland

In the last 24 hours, 1,217 new Kovid-19 cases have been confirmed in Northern Ireland, the health ministry said.

Four more deaths from the disease – two deaths in the last 24 hours.

This morning Northern Ireland announced new restrictions to prevent the spread of Executive Covid-19.

Schools will be closed for two weeks from Monday, and bars and restaurants will be forced to close for four weeks.

Speaking in the Assembly this morning, Prime Minister Arlene Foster said the executive appreciated that this would be difficult and worrying news for many people.

“It is essential that the executive has made this decision and we have discussed its implications in detail. We do not take this step lightly. We want these measures to have two consequences.

“First, Kovid transmission rates must be rejected now, or we will soon be in a very difficult place. Secondly, we believe this marks a point where we can all take stock and return to social remote messaging. That is very important. ”

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