Cork French Film Festival Celebrates Friendship With Our Nearest Neighbor In The European Union

Cork French Film Festival Celebrates Friendship With Our Nearest Neighbor In The European Union

The works of the greatest French directors will be presented in Cork next month in connection with the 32nd Film Festival.

Alliance Frances de Cork Gate will present a brilliant program featuring 12 films.

Eleven shows will be Irish premieres, lasting a total of four days.

Tickets can be purchased from The Gate starting Thursday, September 2nd in line.

This year’s edition marks the diversification of films by presenting an event of short films to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Autorin de Minuit, one of the largest short film production companies in France.

The event will feature major award-winning films at the Cannes Film Festival and Oscar winners for Best Short Film.

You will have the opportunity to see Godard’s classic Alphaville on the big screen. Fans of world music will enjoy the documentary Africa Mia, which tells the story of Afro-Cuban music that originated in the legendary Maravilas of Mali.

For families, this is the most beautiful and attractive of the Sicilian bear invasions.

John Mullins, president of the Alliance Frances de Cork, said: “During the lockdown, French language movies and TV shows became more popular.

“French series like Call My Agent introduced spectators to amazing French actors in Ireland and around the world.

I hope this new appreciation for French productions will encourage viewers to attend this year’s Cork French Film Festival.

“It’s amazing to be able to go back to the movies, and I hope moviegoers who can’t do it in person will join some of our online shows.”

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