Copper Stolen – Residents Film Gutter Robbers: “Hey, You’re on Camera” | local

Copper Stolen - Residents Film Gutter Robbers: "Hey, You're on Camera" |  local

“Hey, you’re on camera” |

Resident Film Rain gutter robbers at work

Hamburg – It’s a mild summer night on Verreinstrasse.

However, at 3.50am, it was not the high temperature that robbed Rune Petersen (name changed) of sleep, but the noise outside the bedroom window.

He can’t believe his eyes as he pushes the curtain away!

In front of him, two dark figures glow through the downpipe, trying with all their might to tear it open.

Copper thieves in residential area!

Peterson, quick-witted, begins filming the criminals: “Hey, you’re on camera.”

One of the pipe robbers (red pants, blonde dreadlocks) immediately runs away with his pants half down, losing his balance and landing on his face.

Alas! One of the petty criminals falls on his nose while escaping

Photo: 1414 Reader Reporter

Brazen: The second crook continues – until the local shouts that the police are coming.

In the foreground, strangers removed part of a rainwater pipe

In the foreground, strangers removed part of a rainwater pipe

Photo: 1414 Reader Reporter

Several patrol cars searched the area, but the search had not been called off by 4:20 a.m.

A police spokesman: “Officers found a downpipe which had already been removed from the house.”

Resident Peterson: “The officers were very amused by my video.”

The plumbing goons are still at large. Notes: 040-4286-56789.

Infographic: Crime figures in Hamburg, few thefts and pickpocketing
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