Controversial theoretical physicist warns of a cosmic catastrophe that could destroy a galaxy

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Avi Loeb, a former professor of astronomy at Harvard, is known for his interesting theories. For example, Lob confirms that the Um Muwama spacecraft, a visitor from another star system, is in fact Alien investigation. Due to its unconventional shape and path, this material has caused a small stir in the scientific community, writes the portal Futurism.

However, this is not the only Loeb theory of property. Theoretical physicist is looking for extraterrestrial civilizations in almost every cosmic phenomenon, and recently came up with a new crazy theory. According to his study, published on the Scientific American portal, space civilization will be built. A huge particle accelerator that can wipe out all living things in our galaxy.

This advanced particle accelerator, if it fails, can create an explosion of dark matter burning everything in the Milky Way. But how can people protect themselves from a catastrophe of this magnitude? Loeb suggests starting alien diplomacy as soon as possible.

“One way to avoid a space-based disaster is to end an interstellar agreement, such as the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,” Loeb writes.

Alien Diplomacy?

The problem of establishing diplomatic relations may also be present No evidenceIt can confirm the existence of life outside our planet. So it is safe to say that lob warning was not a serious problem. So Loeb describes in his work the theoretical problem of the theoretical particle accelerator built by the theoretically advanced alien civilization. If these problems are ignored and aliens build something like that, it must be a larger structure than our entire system.

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Lob admits that this is a very imaginary scene. However, he said that if such a device existed, it could create a “soap bubble” of dark matter. It will expand and destroy everything in its path.

“Would the ripples of such destruction cause concern?” The bad news is that we do not receive a warning because no signal can move faster than light. So he can’t warn us in time, ”Loeb explains.

Finally, the controversial physicist adds that such a tragedy could have a bright side. He compares it to the impact of an asteroid The dinosaurs were exterminated. He claims that our demise will be as instantaneous as an asteroid of dinosaurs. In conclusion, they claim it If so, mankind will not even know what affected it.

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