Conor McGregor wants to fight Dustin Porier this Saturday!


Connor McGregor will make his comeback on Saturday, January 23rd against Dustin Porier at Octacon …

UFC fans for a duel above. The disciplinary legend is only 32 years old and Connor McGregor will face Dustin Porier (32) on January 23. The American had a chance to take revenge after the first meeting in 2014, which ended in a violent knockout from the first minute of the first round. The Irishman did not fail to mention this at the press conference on January 21, which was a resounding success. “You know, I won for the first time in 90 seconds. I have full confidence in my preparation and abilities. I know I can do it. I think I will touch him and hurt him quickly.After a very hollow year of 2020, Notorious says he is thirsty for disputes, sensations and adrenaline.In 2020, I spent only 45 seconds on the octagon, which disappointed me greatly. This is not enough, I need more!

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Decent transfer

McGregor, who is usually accustomed to escapes, provocations and other shocking statements, continued to be polite this time around. On the other hand, he praised his opponent, especially saying: “Like all UFC businesses, I was fascinated by what he became. He progressed, he became a champion, he brought a lot, so sharing the octagon with this man is an honor”. A native of Crumlin, Dublin, assures him that the fight will be a high-flying one. “I know, we both have that competitive fire, it’s still there, we have an ‘encounter’ ahead of us, but it’s going to be a big battle.For his part, Dustin Pourier says he does not say more ressed than usual as the war approaches., Assured that the confrontation against Khabib Nurmagomedov in September 2019 was even more tragic. “In every fight, there is pressure on my shoulder, which is no different. I know the winner of this fight will fight for the next title, but it’s not a problem.The announcement for the more courageous will be broadcast on Shock RMC Sport at 4 p.m. (French time)

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UFC 257 Fight – Connor McGregor vs Dustin Porier 1:

After making numerous references to retirement, Conor McGregor commented on his status as a fighter and record: “I feel like I’m starting now. I am a young man. All the money, all the belts are coming and going. What remains are the characteristics of a fighter. I want my collection of highlights to be the length of a movie. So I can sit with my son and look like an old man. Don’t try to exclude me, I like it so much here.

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