Connor McGregor poses animated with a McGregor tattoo on his arm with a fan in Italy

Connor McGregor poses animated with a McGregor tattoo on his arm with a fan in Italy

Connor McGregor has been able to attract the attention of MMA fans for years. The Irishman has developed into a huge fan following of fans around the world.

There are fans who sometimes go beyond normal expectations to express their admiration for their favorite athletes. The same thing happened to McGregor during a recent visit to Italy. A 33-year-old fan tattooed on an infamous hand.

When he saw the tattoo, McGregor moved with the fan on a video clip.

You can watch the video below:

Connor McGregor is a controversial figure in the MMA today

Connor McGregor is one of the most polarized figures in the world of martial arts. The Irish are always in the spotlight for good or bad reasons.

McGregor gained a large following for his outstanding performance in the UFC Octagon. However, the former second-tier champion’s actions, including clashes with the law and his controversial references to other fighters on social media, also gave him negative publicity.

Despite McGregor’s controversial personality, Teddy Atlas recently said that people will line up to watch him fight. Atlas compared the Irishman to the famous villain “Hannibal Lecter” in “The Silence of the Lambs”. Appearing on a radio presentation, Atlas said:

“It simply came to our notice then [Conor McGregor] Is a villain running his engine in that area? I think of some things after losing [Dustin] Porier, he gives you an answer that you think you can do, he thinks he needs to do what he does, it scares a lot of people and annoys a lot of people, you know … stay that person [that people want to see]. You want to see if he’s doing something terrible, you should see Hannibal Lecter! “

You can see the full version of the Teddy Atlas on the submission radio below:

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