Connor McGregor, how much does he earn? The legacy of the fighter

Connor McGregor, how much does he earn?  The legacy of the fighter

In 2021, Connor McGregor was ranked # 1 on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid athletes. But what is his luck? Let’s go and find out.

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World Champion of Mixed Martial Arts these days Connor McGregor Was in Italy. Many have had the opportunity to see them wandering the streets of the capital. However, his stay in Rome was also targeted Italian singer condemns attack on Francesco Facchinetti on social media.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar is famous for leading a luxurious life. The Irish wrestler does not shy away from showing off his exaggerated lifestyle. The 33-year-old predicted it By 2023, he will be a billionaire.

What is the legacy of Connor McGregor?

The martial arts fighter arrived First place In the Forbes list The highest paid athletes in the world in 2021. He stands in front of legendary athletes like football players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Classify yourself as the richest athlete in the world, at least this year.

His partial sale of the Irish whiskey brand “Proper Twelve” was approved for $ 130 million. Business Magazine is thought to be his Estimated assets are $ 180 million.

An incredibly collected figure, especially if you think McGregor has fought only two games in a year. These meetings took place during a global pandemic, which brought the economy to its knees.

How Much Money Does Connor McGregor Make?

To make an estimate of Connor McGregor’s income, we need to go fishing between his sporting activities and sponsorships. His wrestling matches are estimated at about $ 85 million, with a total annual revenue of approx $ 99 million, including sponsorships (It was collected last year 180 million).

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Dubliner recently renewed its sponsorship deal with Reebok, which he acquires $ 5 million Per year. He has also sponsored brands such as Burger King and Beats by Dre.

With regard to his latest McGregor sporting match against Challenger Dustin Porier, there is talk of gains all around $ 20 million, Including revenue for each view.

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And his Social work Is very important. Nowadays we know that not all posts are the same for everyone. There are people who make shocking money. This is the case with McGregor, who can make money with every post he publishes on Instagram $ 218 thousand.

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