Connor McGregor clashes with Neymar

Connor McGregor clashes with Neymar

Conor McGregor Loves to fight in the ring And also on social networks And Irish Lightweight title contestant Apparently not done with Brazil He attacked his opponent, Charles Oliveira Neymar A story on Instagram.

Ireland VS Brazil

We know, the Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor Not a good relationship with Brazil. The fight against has been won Diego Brando And Jose Aldo A few years ago, It now wants to confront Charles Oliveira, Brazilian light weight belt holder Even laying eggs A misguided ball for Paris Saint-Germain footballer Neymar Jr.

After Charles Oliveira Last December, he posted a photo with the Paris star on his Instagram account. In a story on the infamous Instagram, he mentioned that he wanted a * ***.Smoke both of these*”. **

Conor McGregor – Capture Story Instagram

Conor McGregor, Moment of withdrawal from the fight due to injury to the tibia during a confrontation with Dustin Poyer However, in July 2021, he is impatient with the idea of ​​getting out of it and dealing with it Charles Oliveira Nickname “Do the Bronx”(It is also open to this idea) To recover the lightweight belt Received by Brazil after winning the UFC 262 That he has not stopped defending since then.

Meanwhile, the Irishman continues to spend his time By confronting rivals on social networks Even the poor Neymar Let’s be honest, it’s far from the ideal size for the fight against UFCs McGregor But unfortunately who A collateral victim of a simple souvenir photo between two Brazilian legends.

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