Connor McGregor asks as he confronts UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira, Dana White explains the ‘special treatment’ critique

Connor McGregor asks as he confronts UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira, Dana White explains the 'special treatment' critique

Despite all the signs pointing to Dustin Poyer, Connor McGregor wants to return to the cage for the UFC Lightweight title next summer.

McGregor’s coach John Cavani said the first two – time UFC champion will return at the start of the summer of 2022, and they seem to have gold in their minds.

Connor McGregor has his eyes on Charles Oliveira

After retaining the title against Charles Oliveira Fourier at UFC 269 on Saturday night, McGregor tweeted, “Then when am I going to fight Oliveira?” “

He continued by simply reading “Ireland v Brazil 2” in the form of national flags, referring to his previous battle with Brazilian Jose Aldo, where he became UFC Featherweight Champion.

After winning the title twice in 2016, McGregor has only one win under his belt, beating Donald Seron 40 seconds almost two years ago.

He ranks ninth in the UFC Lightweight Standing and, under normal circumstances, will not be considered for a title shot.

Justin Goethe is next, but can McGregor slip into the picture this summer?

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The Irishman has gained weight since July but resumes training in January

When you’re a box office superstar like McGregor, you can.

The Irishman owns eight of the 10 best-selling UFC pay-per-view movies of all time, and UFC President Dana White had to admit that McGregor was a little different from the others.

When asked if McGregor was receiving special treatment, White replied to Daniel Cormier, “Yes, that’s right, not right.” “If you look at the rankings now, Conor McGregor is ranked 9th in the world. [at lightweight].

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“Then who knows what this thing will be like when he comes back?” Therefore, I could not answer this question honestly. Connor McGregor, I’ve said publicly a million times that I will fight literally anyone. I tell you.

“That’s what he told us, ‘I do not care what you get.’ I will train myself. Call me when you get it. After that, Nate Diaz’s fight, another fight fell for him.

Dana White and Connor McGregor have always had a special relationship

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Dana White and Conor McGregor have always had a special relationship

“He said, ‘Let’s fight Diaz.’ Well, will you … ‘No, I do not want a dead weight. If I do not fight him with his weight, it does not matter. If I did not fight him with his weight it would be *******.

“Connor McGregor has been that person since the day he entered this F ****** business. So someone pointed, “Oh, this person deserves special consideration. ”

“This guy is special. This guy is F ****** special.

McGregor will resume actual training in Ireland in January and will then assess exactly when he can return.

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