Connie West is facing a $ 1 million lawsuit from workers at a live opera show

Connie West is facing a $ 1 million lawsuit from workers at a live opera show

Connie West He faces a $ 1 million lawsuit alleging he failed to pay workers on his live opera show.

The rapper has been accused of failing to pay the minimum wage and overtime due to “unpaid wages” when he appeared on several shows at The Hollywood Bowl last year.

Connie released the opera in December 2019 after the debut of his gospel album ‘Jesus is King’.

Documents received Explosion She reveals that she is suing Connie and her promoters, Live Nation, and her staff and hair assistant, alleging that she owes them “unpaid wages, continuing wages, compensation, civil penalties, legal penalties, attorney fees, and expenses.”

Connie West (Picture: Getty)

She claims she paid her day’s fees late, and other employees faced charges for receiving their checks. He also claims that Kani “failed to pay proper compensation” to dozens of employees, including those who performed on his show.

“Defendants supervised, controlled and operated production, and distressed employees worked long hours for production and were not paid or paid on time for their work,” the documents said.

Kanye and the team have not yet responded to the allegations.

After losing the presidential election, Kanye announced his resignation on Twitter yesterday.

West ended his campaign just after midnight on Wednesday, posting a map of the United States in line with the achievements of fellow candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden so far.

Despite the defeat, Kanik managed to garner 50,000 votes at 4.30AM, of which 10,000 were in Tennessee.

He also confirmed plans to reopen in 2024.

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