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CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying Scores: Brazil maintain Uruguay; Ecuador shocked Colombia

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The fourth round took place on Tuesday in the World Cup qualifying round at CONMEBOL, with all 10 national teams. But some surprises did not take long to come. Based on their recent form, Ecuador defeated Colombia 6-1 in a match that did not surprise the winner, but the scoreline certainly stood out as Gustavo Alfaro’s men made a big statement at home. Meanwhile, Venezuela’s first victory against Chile.

Brazil, meanwhile, maintained a good record with a 2-0 win over Uruguay.

Here is the complete scoreboard and schedule you need to know:


Tuesday, November 17th
Ecuador 6, Colombia 1
Venezuela 2, Chile 1
Brazil 2, Uruguay 0
Paraguay 2, Bolivia 2
Argentina vs Peru, 7:30 pm ET

Brazil cares for Uruguay

Brazil went to Montevideo in a match in which key players for both teams were missing and set a great record. Suarez missed the match after a positive test on Kovid-19 this week, with Brazil Neymar and other key players without injury.

Thanks to Arthur, Brazil took a 1-0 lead and the Uruguayan defender’s shot was lucky before it overtook Martin Cambagna.

With Uruguay’s defense not playing at the usual high level, Richardson scored a cross 2-0, trailing Oscar Tabares’ team by eight balls.

The hosts hit the crossbar twice in the first half but did not have the luck to stay in it.

With the victory, Brazil topped the table with 12 points, while Uruguay was fifth with six points.

Ecuador crushed Colombia

What a success this was. Look, Ecuador has been great since qualifying. A goal loss to Argentina, a win over Uruguay, a comeback against Bolivia, and then a win over Colombia. Don’t look now, but since Chile, Colombia and Peru show some inconsistencies, Ecuador will be there very well.

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Currently the highest scoring attack in South America is electric, cheesy, creative and as efficient as possible.

They took a 4-0 lead in the first half, went down to 10 men and even scored a goal, putting nine of their 14 shots on the frame. While this result says a lot about their quality and confidence, it may be the complete opposite of Los Cafeteros.

With a win in the team’s first four games, Carlos Curos will soon be in the hot seat. When you consider that the only giant they have played for is Uruguay, March will be under pressure, if he makes it that far. With the games against Brazil and Paraguay, Colombia may need to earn four points to retain their job as Portuguese manager. They lost to Uruguay and Ecuador last week, conceding just nine goals and conceding just one. This is not enough.

Venezuela defeated Chile

Disturbance at night so far. Vinotinto was unable to score in their first three matches, but with a convincing victory over the Chileans, their campaign is heading in the right direction. In the 81st minute, Venezuela scored very little, but Solomon Rondon scored the winner, but they scored 35 percent of the total with 14 shots.

Reynolds Ruda’s team had a golden opportunity to shift to a leading position in qualifying as they continue to face poor quality in the third inning.

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