Conman Anna “Delvi” Sorokin convicted – SWR2

Conman Anna "Delvi" Sorokin convicted - SWR2

Anna Sorokin plays Anna Delvi, the heiress of millions in New York

Here’s the real story based on the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”: Anna Sorokin, a young woman born in Russia and raised in Schweiler, Germany, comes to New York, where she plays the business heiress who is the heir apparent to millions of people. “Anna Delvi”. , Gaining access to high society in this way and doing so for years – until the story rises as more and more people want to see again the huge sums of money and luxury hotels that have been handed over to her. She spends the night, lost patience, and shows them. Anna Sorokin will appear in court, and on April 26, 2019, the jury found her guilty.

The final verdict will be announced on May 9, 2019. Before that, her lawyer argued with her again: with her real biography, Anna Sorokin was standing in front of closed doors in society, so she entered them in their own way.

Released after 20 months for good behavior – re-arrested

In 2021, after 20 months in prison, Anna Sorokin was released for good behavior. She quickly returned to a luxury hotel. She was arrested again, and US immigration officials decided to deport her to Germany.

Netflix is ​​releasing this story as a miniseries

While in exile, Netflix releases her story – quite imaginatively – as a mini-series.

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