Congress’s Straightforward Wins In Rajasthan Uncover A Divide

Rajasthan Deputy Main Minister Sachin Pilot (centre) right before voting in the Rajya Sabha election.


The Congress has won two seats in the Rajya Sabha elections in Rajasthan and won them convincingly. KC Venugopal received 64 votes and the party’s next applicant Neeraj Dangi received 59 votes. That is a total of 123 votes which implies not a single vote from the ruling get together went awry. In truth, the Congress set collectively extra than the requisite range of 51 initially preference votes to get their candidates elected.

It was something that Sachin Pilot, the Congress president in Rajasthan, had taken care of all along that the party in the state would make sure both of those Congress candidates are elected comfortably to the upper house. He had also dismissed allegations of horse buying and selling as “rumours”.

But Mr Pilot’s self-confidence was entirely at odds with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s statements.

Mr Gehlot went on history to say the BJP was striving to do in Rajasthan what they had finished in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The chief whip of the get together Mahesh Joshi put these allegations into creating and a formal criticism was lodged with the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Exclusive Functions Team of the Rajasthan Police.

The make a difference is even now less than investigation as to which MLAs ended up being lured and with what sums of dollars.

With this pre-emptive strike, Mr Gehlot then moved his MLAs to a vacation resort outside Jaipur and virtually camped there with the MLAs, even overseeing follow periods and training on how to vote in the Rajya Sabha elections.

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It appears to have compensated off.

On the other hand, the BJP, which queered the pitch by placing up a second prospect even with not having the numbers, managed to get only a person applicant elected – Rajendra Gehlot with 54 votes. Its second candidate Onkar Singh Lakhawat acquired only 21 votes. One of the BJP votes was turned down on technical grounds.

But whilst allegations of horse-investing now appear to be unfounded, the BJP has managed to stir up political waters in Rajasthan.

BJP main in Rajasthan Satish Punia has continuously asked Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to demonstrate the allegations of horse-investing. The BJP has also pointed to the differing narrative rising from within just the Congress.

The divergent sights of Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot on allegations of an “Operation Kamal” – a time period applied to refer to the Karnataka BJP’s alleged program of engineering defections in 2008 – in Rajasthan have after once more exposed the distinctions among the two leaders.

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