Conflicts between London and Brussels over the state of Northern Ireland

Conflicts between London and Brussels over the state of Northern Ireland

It should not be too long. The decision has been made, and twenty-seven have given their consent, but the lawyers of the European Commission want to make an unavoidable copy as the matter is burning. In the coming days, the EU executive will take double action against the UK, which is believed to have breached their divorce agreement.

It’s only been three months since London and the European Union (EU) went their separate ways, and the two former partners are already ready to face each other before judges. The case of Boris Johnson’s government unilaterally postponing for six months the introduction to the principle of customs restrictions on agro – food products between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, scheduled for late March, begins on March 3.

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Under Brexit, the UK and the European Union are no longer part of the same customs union. But members of the European Union, London and Brussels plan to ratify the peace treaties between Dublin, London and Belfast, and to recognize the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on the border. “Northern Irish Protocol”, Restrictions between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“The obligation of good faith”

In the wake of London’s unilateral decision, Commission Vice President Maros Sefkovich a Violation Of planned settings. Recalled “The obligation of good faith” Prior to the adoption of London and Brussels, at Christmas 2020, the withdrawal agreement, which settled the terms of the divorce, stipulated in a post-Brexit agreement, which regulates their trade relationship from 1 p.m.Is January.

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In this case, Brussels will initiate two procedures. The first is the violation procedure given “Northern Irish Protocol” If so Violation : The European Commission will send a formal notification to London. If the British do not back down, the case could go to EU court.

Indicates the second procedure “The obligation of good faith” The withdrawal was granted to the former participants in the contract. Brussels will initially send a letter to London asking for a political solution. If this fails, the Commission can take the matter to a tribunal and claim tariff sanctions against the United Kingdom. If this approach allows a solution to be found, Brussels can always end the breach proceedings.

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