Confirmed from reality: The film shows the tragedy of Joseph Ratzinger

Benedikt XVI. bei einer Veranstaltung im Vatikan.

TV premiere of “Defender of Faith”

Even after the premiere, the “Defender of Faith” caused controversy. The picture shows Benedict XVI. As a man who puts all his faith in faith and worries about the “outside” world. Now he can be seen on TV for the first time.

Catherine Sekau (KNA) | Berlin – 20.12.2020

The film paints a devastating picture of the Catholic Church: an image of an instrument in control, above all, trying to preserve the image of its own “holiness.” Yet the documentary “Defender of Faith”, which airs 3 sat as a TV premiere on December 21 from 10:25 pm to 11:50 pm, comes with the necessary objectivity and foam: the Church offers (promises) for the drawing Unfortunately the Vatican does not need much materialization – no extra external drama .

Despite all the criticism, the documentary meets its central protagonist, Joseph Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI. With respect and effort to understand. Writer and director Christophe Roll does not provide a fundamental critique of the church, but instead offers church representatives his opinion, a group of people who, despite all criticism, continue to campaign for a cosmopolitan, people-centered Christianity: for example, Jesuit Close Mertes started a local college in Berlin in 2010. Or former nun Doris Wagner, who left the spiritual community “Das Werk” after being sexually abused. Or Tony Flannery, an Irish priest who was suspended after open criticism.

Change from a progressive to an orthodox theologian

The filmmaker’s role seeks to understand Joseph Ratzinger from all angles: his transition from progressive to orthodox theologian, his view of the world, his family, and the Church, and the path to his revolutionary decision to resign. To this end, the author asked several of Pontif’s associates and experts: for example, his personal secretary, George Gunswain, theologians Hermann Herring, Wolfgang Bainert or canon lawyer Thomas Doyle.

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Various voices, several archive recordings, and the voiceover spoken by Ultric Tukur paint a picture of a man alien to the modern world, sometimes elevating themselves from reality behind the thick walls of the Vatican. Ratzinger, as head of the Church for the Doctrine of the Faith and later Pope, relied on a “sacred” image of the Church as a “successful” image, a force against the injustices of secular relativity.

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A new documentary sheds light on the life of Benedict XVI. And draws a critical balance. Thesis of the film: Although Benedict XVI. He sought to protect the church and its values, and he played a key role in making it now in its most difficult crisis. A movie review. (Article from May 2019)

An image that cannot be reconciled with the deepest abysses, in the form of innumerable abuses by priests and sexual atrocities, is being conveyed to more and more people. Not only did some church representatives not want to hear the voices of these victims, they often tried to silence them – in order to protect the front of the institution.

“Defender of Faith” is also a film with a strong atmosphere: although Roll relies on many of his interview partners, he does not forget to create an atmosphere in film and sound quality: many previously unknown archive recordings contribute to it (Vatican Open Film, Film, Image Archive), and their Catholic richness Creates display values ​​using.

Detecting system essential requirements

Roll, who has already produced two films about Odenwald School, which has been embroiled in abuse cases, is notable for analyzing the issue. His goal is not to exploit individuals, but to find the necessary preconditions for a system of abuse. Yet he is sharply critical of the cardinal and later pope. Retreating from the world, focusing on the inner circle of the most pious, not seeing (not wanting) the victim.

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What attracts him as a tragic personality: His failure, according to Jesuit Mertus, is also “the failure of an era of recognizing the obvious friend-enemy.” Finally, you can see the pictures of the departure: Benedict’s successor Francis 2018 in Ireland, which was particularly shaken by the abuse scandal.

Catherine Sekau (KNA)

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